Rock Solid Finances

I know you’re probably thinking, how did a DIY website get into finances? Well it just so happens that a lot of these posts describe how much money you can actually save by simply doing a project yourself.

We are financially savvy and also hate debt so we figured we’d talk about other ways we save money. We are a single income household at the moment and have 2 young kids so we’re most likely not very different than the average American family. That said, if we can do it, so can you.

These posts are realistic and although any generation can use them as advice, we’ve found they would be most useful for millennial’s since 1- we are part of this generation, and 2- they seem to be the most burdened by debt at the moment, especially because of student loans.

There truly are resources everywhere and readily available to help you get out of debt, make financially smart decisions, and save for the future, but if you don’t know about them, how can you possibly take advantage of them? We’re here to show you how we live, and hopefully help you along the way.