How to Build a Rustic Farmhouse Console Table

Less Than $100 Our friends surprised us and built this Ana White inspired farmhouse console table when we bought our first home. We absolutely loved this table immediately. We were so thankful for our friends taking the time out of their busy lives to make such a beautiful and sturdy table. This console table was sadly the sturdiest piece of furniture we owned at the … Continue reading How to Build a Rustic Farmhouse Console Table

Farmhouse Coffee Table – DIY

$40 Isn’t it crazy that some coffee tables can run close to a thousand dollars? All for that and some of them are just made of flimsy cheap particle board and aren’t even made of solid planks of wood. This farmhouse coffee table will run you around just $40. I hate that these overpriced coffee tables get dented and stained ridiculously easy, and people stress … Continue reading Farmhouse Coffee Table – DIY

DIY Headboard – Easy Weekend Project

$50-$100 A lot of these DIY posts are not only about improving the value of your home, but saving money by doing it yourself, and getting the satisfaction of creating the finished product. Certainly one of the easier projects here is this DIY headboard? Building a headboard yourself is a pretty easy, and one of the more fun projects because it lets you get creative … Continue reading DIY Headboard – Easy Weekend Project