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Beginner Friendly Home Bar Guide

If you are looking to build your own home bar, but you aren’t sure where to start then this is the right place. Our home bar guide has everything your need in one place to ease that overwhelming feeling.

Save time with Our Home Bar Guide

Our instructions help simplify building a bar and take a lot of the guess work out of the project with easy to follow instructions.

All of home bar guides include photos that with detailed information to take the guess work and frustration out of your DIY project.

You will save time and money by following these instructions because you will decrease the amount of scrap wood leftover.

We’ve received amazing feedback on our how to home bar guide and bar plans. Beginner woodworkers were able to build a bar without ever picking up a hammer or drill in their lives.

They learned a skill that they thought was above their limits. Not only did these save money, but they gained confidence, self-satisfaction, and a new hobby.

When you learn the basics of working with wood and get more comfortable tools, you can take on all kinds of new projects.

You will start building your own furniture, home renovation projects, and even fixing things in your home.

Home Bar Guides:

We have a lot of helpful posts to building a bar, so we broke it down into several posts and we even have bar plans with 3D models.

These home bar guides take you through the entire process from frame to finish and give you inspiration for your project.

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