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Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

When you think minimalistic Christmas, you might be thinking of a Charlie Brown tree with 5 thin branches. Erase that image from your mind because these minimalist Christmas decor ideas are far from that sad looking tree.

These minimalistic Christmas decor ideas will help you decorate your space with significantly less. You can still bring the holiday cheer to your home without all the green and red clutter.

Many times we tend to overdecorate for the holidays because we have too much stuff and we don’t know where to display it all. Instead of a busy Christmas design, try going for a minimalistic approach this year.

Benefits of Minimalist Christmas Decor

There are many benefits to the minimalist interior design style, but when it comes to the holidays it makes for an easier clean up. After Christmas is over, it can be dreadful to pack up 10 totes full of ornaments, stockings, lights, and other various decor items.

minimalist Christmas decor ideas

When you decorate with a minimalistic mindset, you have less to pack up after the holidays are over. Another bonus to this simple way of decorating is that your home won’t feel cramped and disorganized.

Many times you put up a Christmas tree in your living room, the space can suddenly feel closed in and uncomfortable. If you find this happening to your living room, then moving a piece of furniture from the room and decorating with less decor items can help.

Minimalist Christmas Decor Prevents Burnout

After all of the holiday shopping and cleaning, the thought of decorating can feel overwhelming. Decorating the outside with lights, dusting, reorganizing, and vacuuming up pine needle is exhausting.

minimalist Christmas tree
Photo @jaclynmari_

Last year, I didn’t have the energy or the motivation to decorate my Christmas tree after lugging all of my totes of decorations up the basement stairs. After decorating the entire first floor of my house, I was burned out and felt like it was decorated enough.

I had zero desire to display my favorite ornaments on the tree after all of this work. It was beneficial that I didn’t have the energy to decorate the tree because the tree was easier to break down after the holiday.

This year I plan to decorate with less items throughout my home and focus more on the tree. The tree is my favorite part because I love to display handmade ornaments and items that I’ve collected from vacations.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, you should consider a minimalistic Christmas design. The great thing about this style is that you don’t have to go buy anything! Just decorate with significantly less than you normally would and go for a simpler color palate.

Photo @designershumor

How to Decorate a Minimalist Christmas Tree

When decorating a minimalist Christmas tree, remember the less is more approach. This design style is all about decorating with as little as possible. The goal is to create a meaningful design without adding clutter to the space.

Every item that is brought into the space has been thought out and brings value to the final design. The minimalistic design should have a simple color palate, symmetry, texture, and warmth.

minimalist Christmas decor ideas
Photo @izavanessa

We don’t want to create a cold or stark room when decorating with less. We want to find subtle ways to warm up the room without all the fuss and chaos.

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Tips to a Minimalistic Christmas

The great thing about this style of design is that you can’t mess it up. If you accidentally overdecorate a space, try moving things around or putting them back into your storage tote.

Another good thing about this style is that it will put you in check. It will make you realize that you don’t need as many decorations to create a beautiful space. Consider selling or donating unneeded items to save room and live with less.

minimalist Christmas
Photo @homethirtythree
  1. Select a Color Palate– You can go with any color palate that you want. Even a little color is okay with the minimalist Christmas decor.
  2. Bring in Warmth– Determine what items will warm up the design. This could be a textured tree color, brass decor items, or warm white lighting.
  3. Gather Your Decor– Look through the items that you already have on hand and see what can work with your design.
  4. Repurpose Items– Don’t go out shopping for new items. Consider spray painting existing items to give them a whole new look and feel, so they match your minimalistic color palate.
  5. Find the Location- Walk around your home and determine the best location to place a tree without cramping a room. Take a look at your console table and shelves for a good area to display other decor items.
  6. Step Back– Periodically step back from decorating to see how the space is coming together. A room can quickly fill up and close in when decorating, so make sure you didn’t over decorate.
  7. Remove Items- If you overdecorated, remove items or try moving them to a different location.
  8. Make it your Own– The style should feel right to you, so make it your own!
minimalist Christmas decor ideas
Photo @nearlynaturalfloral

If you need more inspiration for your design, consider one of these modern Christmas decor ideas from Brittany Goldwyn.


Don’t be afraid to try one of these minimalist Christmas decor ideas in your own home. This design is hard to mess up, so it is a great style for an armature design to achieve. If you add too many things, simply remove them or relocate the items to a new space.