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How to Remove a Mirror Frame

Trying to remove a DIY mirror frame that went wrong or give a mirror a makeover? Our tips and tricks show you how to remove a mirror frame easily.

You only need a couple of tools and a little bit of patience to remove a mirror frame. The hardest part about this project is trying to avoid 7 years of bad luck.

How to Remove a Mirror Frame from a Decorative Mirror

Mirrors are so expensive, especially an oversized mirror. So, instead of throwing your large mirror out try to give it a new look for a few dollars or even free if you have the necessary items on hand.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with items that you already have, so you can avoid spending money. The mirror that I was working with has never worked out regardless of where I hung it in my home.

mirror makeover

I never loved the thick frame on the mirror, so I posted it on Facebook marketplace but no one bought it.

So, I decided why not give it a new look instead of getting rid of it and spending money on an expensive new mirror.

If you are trying to remove a frame from a decorative mirror, turn the frame over and carefully pull away the backing.

Analyze the back of the mirror and determine the best way to remove the frame without shattering it.

how to remove a mirror frame

I would try to keep the hooks intact if you can, so it is easier to hang the mirror. If you have to remove the hooks, you can save the hardware and reattached it to your new frame.

You might have to totally remove the frame depending on the style of your mirror frame.

If you can get away with leaving on some of the frame like mine then you can go along the back edges with a box cutter to loosen the frame.

cutting away a mirror frame

When you are using the box cutter, remember to place a couple pieces of wood underneath the frame to lift it off of the floor.

This will prevent you from accidentally cutting into the floor when trying to remove the mirror frame.

Then you will need a heat gun, flat head screw driver, and box cutter to remove a sections of the frame.

Begin by heating the glue for 30-60 seconds with a heat gun or a hair dryer or until the glue feels sticky.

removing a mirror frame

Then use a metal putty knife of flat head screw driver to life sections of the frame from the mirror.

Work slow during this process to avoid shatter the mirror or cutting yourself. Somehow I managed to poke my hand with a staple from mirror. Ouch!

So, watch out for staples too because my mirror hand a 100 of them. Gently wiggle small sections of the frame to loosen it from the mirror.

how to remove a frame from a mirror

If the frame will not budge then you may need to go along the back with the box cutter again or heat the glue longer to help loosen it.

Continue to work your way around the frame until you have completely removed it from the mirror.

how to remove a mirror frame

The edges were a little sharp on the mirror after removing the frame and a few places chipped. I thought about covering it with a DIY wood frame, but it would end up too thick.

I was trying to avoid spending money, so I used spackle to fix the chipped areas and to smooth out the sides of the frame.

Then I painted the frame white with enamel that I already had on hand, so this project ended up being free!

removing a mirror frame

Removing a Mirror Frame in a Bathroom

To remove a bathroom mirror frame you will need a hair dry or a heat gun and a putty knife or similar type of tool.

If you are removing a frame from a bathroom then your first step would be to grab a metal putty knife, flat head screw drive, and a head gun or hair dryer.

Work in small sections with the hair dryer to heat up the glue, so it is more pliable. Hold the hair dryer about and inch above the frame for about 30-60 seconds or until the glue softens.

Once the glue feels like it will budge, gently place a putty knife in between the mirror and the frame.

Carefully slide the putty knife to see if the frame has some give before prying it off. If the frame feels as though it will lift easily then gently pry off a small section.

You may need to use a metal putty knife against the mirror frame then a flat head screw driver over top of putty knife to lift the frame off.

how to remove a mirror frame

If the frame will not lift away from the mirror then you may need to heat the glue a little longer with the hair dryer.

Keep working in small sections until the entire frame has been removed. Do not rush through this process as you don’t want to risk shattering the mirror.

Removing the Glue

After completely removing the mirror frame, use the hair dryer to heat up the residue left from the glue on the actual mirror.

Hold the hair dryer about an inch above the glue for about 30 seconds or until the glue starts to feel sticky.

Working in sections, use a plastic putty knife to gently scraped the glue off of the mirror.

Continue to follow these steps until the glue has been completely removed or you can cover the glue with a new mirror frame.

Adding a New Mirror Frame

You can either add a new frame to the mirror, leave the mirror as is, or try to work with what is left of the frame like mine.

Adding a new mirror frame costs $40 or less and can be customized to any size, style, or color.

Follow our detailed instructions on how to add a mirror frame in only a couple of hours at most.


I hope you found these tips to removing a mirror frame helpful for your project. If you aren’t quite sure where to start with your mirror makeover project, flip the mirror over and analyze the back of it.

Most mirrors have a backing that can easily be removed, so you can take a closer look at the frame and figure out the best way to tackle this project.

If you are looking for more ways to update a decorative mirror, you might enjoy these thrifty mirror makeover ideas!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.