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Weathered Oak Stain with Pictures!

Are you wondering how weathered oak stain will look on your wood project? Spoiler alert, it will turn out awesome!

It can be tough to select a stain based on the tiny image on the side of the can, so we tested this stain to show you how it will appear in real life.

This is a great stain option if you are looking for a soft neutral tone that easily pairs with any home decor style and paint.

Weathered Oak Stain Undertones

Weathered oak looks great on any type of wood and it can even tone down unwanted red or orange tones.

This stain feels warmer due to the yellow and brown undertones, but also has the ability to feel cool because of the gray mixed into it.

The surrounding colors and lighting in your home can may pull warmer or cooler tones from this stain color.

varathane weathered oak stain

As with any stain the final color will appear slightly different on each type of wood.

Depending on the type of wood that you are working with, this stain can take on more of a cool gray feel or a warmer brown look.

Make sure to test a small area of the stain to see how it will turn out on the type of wood that you are using for your project.

Why Go with Weathered Oak Stain?

Since this stain contains cool and warm tones it acts as a greige or a neutral color. It can easily blend with existing home decor and colors in your home.

I have used this stain on various wood types, and even created a custom stain with weathered oak and a darker stain.

The stain pulled too gray in some areas of my wood kitchen table, so after the stain dried I stained it again with a thin layer of Kona.

Kona brought more of the warmer brown tones out from the Weathered Oak stain and helped decrease the gray.

weathered oak stain

Tips to Using Weathered Oak

Before using any stain you should always use a stir stick to carefully mix the color, so it stains correctly.

If you skip this step, you may end up with gray splotchy spots of stain on your project. Test the stain on a piece of scrap wood before applying it directly onto your final project.

If you are happy with the look of the stain, apply a thin even coat across the surface then quickly wipe the stain away.

I recommend using a water-based polyurethane since this is a lighter stain color. An oil-based polyurethane may cause the stain to darken over time, so that would be better suited for darker stains.

Here I used Weathered Oak stain on the top of my portable bar cart. The weathered oak paired perfectly with the creamy shiplap base.

weathered oak stain

Paint Colors that Pair with Weathered Oak Stain

  • Moderne White – This isn’t another stark white paint color, Moderne White is a very light shade of greige that looks great anywhere.
  • Agreeable Gray – This paint color literally agrees with any surrounding decor. It is the perfect shade of greige.
  • Grey Green– Grey green paint colors bring a coolness with green mixed in. So, they act as a subtle muted version of green that doesn’t overpower the room.

To see more warm gray stains take a look at this helpful post from Home Like You Mean It.


The stain is so beautiful that I ended up purchasing it twice by without realizing it.

I went to the store to purchase a new can of stain for another project that I was working on. Without looking at the name of the stain, I picked a stain off of the shelf that looked good in the picture on the can.

Later, I noticed that I still had a small can of stain stashed in my basement. I compared the new stain that I purchased and the scrap stain in my basement. They were both Weathered Oak stain!

I had no intention of using the same stain again, but I guess I really did love it because it caught my attention twice.

You can’t go wrong with this stain because it is so versatile and has a beautiful finish.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.