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Moody Slate Blue Color Paints

Are you craving a bit of moodiness in your home? Up the mood a bit with these stunning slate blue color ideas.

These deep blue paint colors will bring in subtle elegance to any space in your home!

What Color is Slate Blue?

The color slate blue is a combination of dark blue and gray. There are different variations of slate blue with some being more blue or more gray.

Slate blue can also be darker, lighter, and have a totally different color mixed in. For instance the color Mediterranean by Sherwin fits in the the slate blue color family, but has green undertones in the color.

A color can take on a totally different look depending on the undertones mixed into the color, the lighting, and surrounding items.

slate blue colors

So, before you commit to any paint color, it is always a good idea to get a few samples. Test the each color in different lighting and move decor around to see which colors pull from the color.

A paint color can appear totally different in another home, so don’t buy a gallon of paint before you are sure the color is right.

Slate Blue Color Undertones

In natural lighting or incandescent lighting the slate blue color might appear more warm and in LED lighting the color might appear more cool.

Incandescent lighting tends to be warmer, so any yellow tones will pull through the color.

LED lighter tends to be cooler, so any blue tones will pull through the color.

smoky blue sherwin williams
Smoky Blue Sherwin Williams

Light Reflective Value (LRV) of Slate Blue

Slate blue is typically on the daker side, so the light reflective value will be low. The lower the light reflective value, the less reflective the color will be.

Meaning the color will darken a room giving it a moody feel. Lower light reflecting colors are great for an accent wall to add a pop of color and drama to a room.

Another great way to incorporate a bold color in a room is to install wainscoting on half of the wall or higher. Paint the bottom half a bright white paint color then paint the top a dark slate blood.

This will help bring in the drama of the bold color, but keep the room light and airy at the same time.

Smoky Blue Sherwin Williams

Smoky Blue is a true slate blue color. Believe it or not this shade of slate blue is in the neutral color family. Most shades of dark blue can act as a neutral and the pair well with a variety of colors.

Smoky Blue SW 7604

Smoky Blue Hex Code: #596E79

RGB: 89 / 110 / 121

LRV: 15

slate blue color
Smoky Blue Shewin Williams

Downing Slate Sherwin Williams

Is a true slate color taking on more gray undertones, but still remaining a neutral color choice. Downing Slate appears more of a darker charcoal once it is painted onto the wall with slight blue undertones pulling through.

Downing Slate SW 2819

Downing Slate Hex Code: #777F86

RGB: 119 / 127 / 134

LRV: 21

Labradorite Sherwin Williams

Labradorite is an alluring shade of slate blue that evokes a sense of tranquility. The color comes from the blue family bringing soft cool tones to any space.

Labradorite SW 7619

Labradorite Hex Code: #657B83

RGB:  101 / 123 / 131

LRV: 19

Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams

Blustery Sky is a medium slate blue color with gray and blue undertones. The color is a true blue which brings a soft blue tone

Blustery Sky SW 9140

Blustery Sky Hex Code: #6F848C

RGB:  111 / 132 / 140

LRV: 22

blustery sky sherwin williams
Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams

Mediterranean SW 7617

Mediterranean Hex Code: #60797D

RGB: 96 / 121 / 125

LRV: 18

Mediterranean Sherwin Williams

Mediterranean takes on a mix of green and blue with gray undertones showing through. The color is still considered a shade of slate blue and originates in the blue color family.

Lighting and surrounding decor will pull either green or blue. This is one of those colors that can play with your eyes.

Benjamin Moore Slate Blue

When you think of slate blue, you typically think of a darker gray blue color. This Benjamin Moore Slate Blue paint color takes on more of a subtle coastal feeling. Julie did a great job painting this small dresser!

light slate blue color


The color slate blue will always be in style, so it is a great color choice to bring into your home. Another benefit to this rich shade of blue is that it can act as a neutral and pair well with almost any color palate.

Go bold by painting an accent wall in your home or paint a piece of furniture with an expected shade of slate blue or another dramatic color.

An unexpected pop of color on furniture or a wall is always a fun way to keep things visually interesting and enjoyable.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.