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13 Coffee Table Decor Styling Tips

Decorating a coffee table doesn’t have to be an elaborate project, but a little decor goes a long way.

Adding coffee table decor can be a fun way to bring in color and texture to elevate your living room.

These tips and tricks will help you save money, keep focus, and even decorate around small children.

Coffee Table Decor

To save money on coffee table decor, shop your home first because you probably already have items that can be reworked.

You might be able to move items from other rooms to your coffee table, so you don’t have to spend money on this space.

After a few months you stop noticing the same old decor, so move it around from time to time. Moving things around and mixing old with new, helps keep things interesting and fun.

This beautiful living room space was styled by Studio Mcgee. The textiles are subtle, but bring in a soft pop of color and texture to this room.

Adding the wood coffee table brings warmth and the black vase helps ground the space.

coffee table decor

Coffee Table Decorating Tips

To decorate your coffee table first measure the width and length of the table to get an idea of what will fit on top. This will help you select the best decor items for your own coffee table design.

Create a note folder in your phone with measurements for your coffee table and other projects throughout your home.

I like to keep notes with measurements of tables, pillows, windows, and miscellaneous items and projects that I am shopping for.

This helps me remember what I need when I am in the store and what will fit best in my space.

There have been many times when I was standing in the isle of Home Goods and I totally forget why I came into the store.

All the sudden I have armfuls of pillows and fake plants, but I actually came in for a 38 inch by 22 inch mirror and a new hand towel.

The notes in your phone will help keep you on target and focused on what you really need for your project.

This trick could even help you save money if you only buy things that are mentioned on your notes list.

modern coffee table decor

How to Decorate a Coffee Table

After you have your coffee table measurements figured out, it’s time for the fun part!

Adding layers, texture, color, and warmth to your coffee table to elevate the space.

Before you buy any decor, take around your living room and figure out what your style is. Bring in coffee table decor that will compliment your existing items.

coffee table decor ideas
  1. Decorate with candles
  2. Stack books to add height
  3. Use a wood or woven tray to add warmth and texture. The tray helps keep everything together as well.
  4. Add greenery. Select a wide vase with a large floral arrangement to add drama and fill the space if you have a large coffee table.
  5. Coasters can bring in a pop of color or subtle tones calming tones.
  6. Rings and beads can bring texture and help complete the look.
  7. Wide shallow bowls with decorative filler that can be changed seasonally.

Toddler Friendly Coffee Table Decor

Well, the bad news here is that there really isn’t any coffee table decor that is toddler friendly. Toddlers will pickup everything and try to play with it.

So, when you select coffee table decor, I would recommend things that will not easily break or you don’t mind if they play with.

Unfortunately, you can’t get too crazy with decor when you have young kids, but you can still make the space appear less like a daycare.

Avoid things that are heavy, glass, sharp, or contain small pieces to prevent choking. Even if your toddler seems like they are out of the grabby phase, it is best to try to avoid using these items to decorate if possible.

Wrap your kids books with paper and decorate your coffee table with a stacked of their books and a cute faux plant on top. Select books that have a neutral color palate or consider wrapping books in paper to match your space.

Decorate with baskets filled with their toys. Place a decorative shallow basket or bowl onto your coffee table with their toys inside.

Battery Operated Candles are a great option to add a little warmth to your coffee table. Make sure the batteries cannot be easily removed from the candle. You can even skip the batteries and just decorate with the fake candles as is.

Less is more when it come to decorating around kids. Test out items for a few days before adding a bunch of other items. You can see how they do with the decor before you place nicer items on display.

For even more toddler decorating tips, take a look at New Darlings. There house is family friendly, lived in, but still very stylish.


I hope you feel inspired to decorate your own coffee table after reading through these ideas. The coffee table is a fun space to change out seasonally and decorate with holiday decor.

Have fun with your design and show your personality through your decor choices. Some of these items are great conversation starters, so the coffee table is a perfect place to put them.

If you have extra scrap wood on hand, you can even build your own DIY coffee table to bring a custom touch to your living room.

What do you like to decorate your coffee table with? Do you have any good toddler decorating tips?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.