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6 Neutral Accent Chairs to Refresh Your Space

Feeling bored of the current décor style in your home? Bring in a pair neutral accent chairs to change the feel of the room.

Adding an accent chair, a couple of new throw pillow, and plant can do wonders for a drab space. Use these accent chair ideas to inspire you to redecorate your living room.

Minimalist Accent Chair

A minimal accent chair provides a simple and clean feel that will blend with most decor styles. The cushion and throw pillow help soften the look making the chair more cozy.

Minimalist Accent Chairs
Minimalist Accent Chair

I love the modern look of these accent chairs, but I will admit that they scare me a bit. I have a couple of energetic toddler boys bouncing on the furniture. If you have small children then this might not be the best option for your living room.

Wood Armchair

This wood armchair will bring a mid-century modern vibe to your home. The wood arms and legs on this accent chair make this chair feel more warm and comfortable. Even if your home isn’t fill with mid-century modern style decor, this chair will easily pair with your existing furniture.

The light wood tone does not give off any red tones and the fabric on the cushions is a warm neutral color, making this a great choice for any home decor style.

Neutral Accent Chairs
Mid- Century Modern Accent Chair

Cognac Leather Accent Chairs

If you have a room filled with various shades of white and other neutral tones, brining in a cognac leather chair will help add contrast to the room.

The cognac color is considered a more neutral color, but the orange and brown undertones make this chair feel warm. So, this color will compliment and neutral space without taking over the room.

Take a look at this room, the accent chairs compliment the wood beams on the ceilings, the pendant lighting above the kitchen island and the wood decor displayed on the wall.

If you space isn’t a all neutral space, a cognac leather chair will still look great pair with navy, lighter blues, green, black, and even gray.

Think of cognac as a more neutral shade that can bring warmth to a room, so if you want to try color without committing to a bold color then give this chair a try.

cognac accent chairs
Leather Accent Chairs

Barrel Accent Chairs

Here is another set of neutral accent chairs that give off a modern vibe, but with soft edges and fabric for a chic yet comfortable look. These brown velvet chairs feel a bit more trendy style, so I don’t think they would be in style forever but they are fun way to go out of your comfort zone.

You can’t go wrong with anything styled by Studio McGee because this designer really knows how to create items that are stylish, simple, and work in almost any room.

If you like something by Studio McGee, buy it immediately because I’ve noticed everything made by this brand goes out of stock quickly.

barrel accent chairs
Barrel Accent Chairs

Classic Accent Chairs

If you are in the market for a set of classic accent chairs, these are the chairs you have been searching for. These chairs have a classic look and feel that will be in style for years to come.

The style of these accent chairs will easily blend with existing home decor and furnishings. Another great thing about a style of chair like this is that you can dramatically change the look of the chairs by switching out the pillows and adding texture.

These chairs would be fun to redesign seasonally with various throw pillows covers to bring out the tones of each season.

classic accent chairs
Classic Accent Chairs

Sherpa Accent Chairs

A pair of Sherpa barrel accent chairs will bring a very cozy and comfortable feel to a living room. These chairs are a barrel style, but they have more of a classic finish with the legs.

The style of the chair will be in style for quite some time, but the Sherpa fabric gives off a seasonal feel because this is a warmer fabric made for cold weather.

Sherpa accent chairs
Sherpa Accent Chairs


Even if you have a tight budget, you can still have fun with the design of your home. You can by a classic set of accent chairs that will be in style forever, but change out the throw pillows to give a chair a new look.

Even adding in fresh greenery and a cozy throw blanket can dramatically change the look of a room without breaking the bank.

Shop your home for items that can be spray painted or moved around for a new feel in a different space in your home. You might like this easy DIY L shaped console table to place near your accent chairs.

Which accent chair style is your favorite?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.