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16 Free Halloween Coloring Pages

halloween coloring pages

These free Halloween coloring pages are perfect to keep kids busy on a rainy day or a long car ride. Simply download and print the Halloween printables then your child can start coloring!

The nice thing about these coloring pages is that you don’t have to print them all. You can select which pages to print, so you don’t have to print out all 16 pages.

free halloween printables

If your child has a favorite page, you can easily print multiple copies for them to color again. Then have your child cut out their Halloween coloring pages and attach them to a string to make a garland.

Zombie Coloring Pages

My boys can’t get enough of zombies! When we are stuck inside on a rainy fall day, these pintables help keep my kids busy for a good while.

After your kids finish coloring their worksheets, have them cut out their zombies. Then glue the zombies to a small piece cardboard or thick piece of paper. Next cut around the zombies to make a little zombie figure.

This will keep them busy longer and they have a little zombie toy to play with.

zombie coloring page

Fun Tips to Using Free Halloween Coloring Pages:

  • Use the Halloween printables to create a coloring book
  • Cut out the designs and attach to a string to create garland
  • Glue the cut out designs to cardboard to make a mask or figure
  • Give away as party favors
  • Cut out the design and laminate them

Printable Usage:

  • Any printables from are not to be used for resale
  • All digital files on Rock Solid Rustic are for personal use only

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.