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7 Easy Steps for a DIY Lamp Makeover

Instead of spending money on new decor, shop your own home for hidden gems like this lamp makeover project. A coat of paint or new fabric will go a long way without breaking the bank.

I loved the light that this Ikea lamp gave off, but I was tired of the pattern on the lamp. This lamp was stashed in my basement, so I attempted to sell it on Facebook Marketplace.

The lamp sat on marketplace for months with zero interest, so I removed the listing and gave the lamp a makeover.

I figured I didn’t like the look of the lamp as is, so I couldn’t make it look any worse and no one wanted to buy it either.

Easy Lamp Makeover

I grabbed some scrap paint from my basement and purchased neutral fabric to replace the bold floral pattern.

Even if your lamp is not from Ikea, you can follow these steps for a lamp makeover. To give this Ikea lamp an update, simply disassemble it then paint and replace the fabric.

If you are using a different style lamp, you can remove the fabric from plastic lamp shade then replace it with new fabric.

New paint and fabric goes a long way!

lamp makeover

Step 1 – Detach Base and Shade

If you are using a different style lamp then you can probably skip this step and just remove the fabric from the lamp shade.

These are helpful tips if you are using a similar style lamp to mine. To begin this Ikea lamp makeover, remove the screws from the base, shade, and the top of the lamp.

Then remove the floral shade gently from the base of the lamp. After removing the lamp shade, wipe everything down to remove dust and debris before painting.

ikea lamp hack

Step 2 – Paint the DIY Lamp

Next I brushed on 2 coats of Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams on the silver based and top of the lamp.

You can either use scrap paint or spray paint to give the exterior of the lamp a new look. A new coat of paint made a big different in the final look of the lamp makeover.

While the paint dried, I gently peeled the floral fabric from the plastic lamp shade because I was going to replace it with new fabric.

Step 3 – Remove the Fabric from the Lamp

My plastic shade tore a bit because I didn’t expect it to be so fragile, so make sure you are more careful with your lamp.

The fabric was adhered to the shade with double sided tape, so it took some force to completely remove the fabric.

I saved the floral fabric and took it to Hobby Lobby, so I could have new fabric cut to size. Make sure to ask for a few extra inches of scrap along the outside to leave room for error.

Another thing to note when selecting new fabric, is to chose a thin fabric in a light color. A darker thicker fabric will decrease the amount of light that the lamp can put off.

A fabric that is too thick, might not fit into the base of the lamp after wrapping the lamp shade. If you find a fabric that is thick and you absolutely love it, you an try it to see if it fits.

Step 4 – New Fabric Lamp Shade

Now that you have the new fabric, lay the original fabric down on top of it making sure to smooth out any wrinkles.

Then cut the new fabric to size leaving a little slack to wrap around the plastic lamp shade. There is no need to leave an excessive amount of slack because it will look sloppy when you wrap the shade.

If you are using a thick fabric, you will need even less slack because you might not be able to wrap the lamp shade. The thick fabric will probably be too bulky to fit into the base of the lamp.

When you turn on the lamp shade, you will be able to see some of the folded over fabric. So, keep that in mind because you only need the slightest bit of slack.

Step 5 – Adhere New Fabric

To wrap the new lamp shade, lay the plastic on top of the new fabric making sure to weigh down the corners.

The plastic will curl up, so use coffee cups or another small but heavy object to hold the shade in place.

Once you have the lamp shade in place, slowly fold the fabric over the sides of the interior part of the shade.

I worked in small sections to attach the fabric with hot glue while smoothing out wrinkles. You can use hot glue, fabric tape or fabric glue, or other strong adhesive to wrap the lamp shade.

Step 6 – Test the Fit

Gently test the lamped in the base to make sure it fits in the snugly and can be easily inserted into the top and bottom pieces.

Cut away excess fabric as needed then step back from the lamp shade to make sure you are satisfied with the look.

If there are any areas where too much fabric shows through, simply peel it back and cut it away then reattach the fabric.

Step 7 – Reassemble the Lamp

After you are happy with the look of the lamp shade, insert it into the base then place the top back on.

Then you will need to poke holes through the new fabric to make room for the 3 screws that hold the shade together.

lamp makeover
Poke holes

Use the original screws to secure the lamp shade in place. Make sure the holes for the screws that go on the side of the shade are toward the back of the lamp where the cord is.

If you would rather skip the screws on the side of the shade, you could try fabric tape or hot glue to hold the lamp shade together.

The shade would probably stay together without the screws on the sides as it fits snugly into the base and top ring.



Now plug your lamp in and switch it on to enjoy your lamp makeover! Sometimes it’s worth it to repurpose what you have because it saves money and it gives you a fun project to work on.

If you prefer a different look for your lamp, you might like these other lamp makeover ideas this post from the Spruce Crafts.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.