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15 Black and White Exterior House Ideas

15 Black and White Exterior House Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration, you will love the look of a black and white exterior house. This color combination pairs nicely with these tips.

White House Black Shutters

Beautifully manicured landscape, black shutters and a matching balcony help define the white exterior of this home. The black shutters give this white exterior just what it needs, so it doesn’t look bland.

White House Black Shutters
Photo: Instagram @thecheerfulhome

Modern Black Houses

An all black house might sound bold, but the look of these homes will surprise you. The reason an all black exterior works is because of the texture, greenery, and wood elements.

Black Houses
Photo: Instagram @ourmodernhome

Also, adding accents of the color white around the home, helps soften the dramatic exterior of a black painted home.

This home has bright white paint on the ceilings, walls, cabinets to break up the dark color. Bringing in plants, neutral furniture, and decor make this an inviting space.

modern black and white houe
Photo: Instagram @ur_place
Black Houses
Instagram @heartofoaktv
modern black exterior
Photo: Instagram @la_seve_repere_creatif

White House Black Trim

An all white house might sounds boring, but if it’s done right it is beautiful. A wood front door and matching garage doors add a of touch of warmth to the exterior of the home.

Sharp roof lines as shown on both of these homes help bring visual interest along with the coordinating black trim.

white house black trim
Photo: Instagram @ourforevertnfarmhouse

Another option to define the entrance of an all white exterior, is to add stone or an arch in front of black painted doors. The arch brings attention to the front of home and looks esthetically pleasing.

black and white exterior house
Photo: Instagram

Here is another beautiful black and white house exterior designed by Coco and Jack. This design is symmetrical, contains texture from the stone, and blends the colors perfectly.

black and white house exterior
Designed by: Coco and Jack

Black Painted Brick House

Painting an all brick house the color black, is an easy and affordable way to instantly update a home. The black townhome shown here, even helps update the look of the homes on either side.

Breaking up the brick tones by using the color black on the exterior, helps make this home standout and add a ton of visual interest.

black painted brick
Photo: Instagram @blckware

Here is the same style home, but painted white with a black door and black trim. I love the look of both of both of these townhomes.

The brick on either side of these townhomes, helps bring the look together.

Hopefully the neighbors never decide paint the brick on their home because a black and white exterior house won’t look as good.

black and white exterior house
Photo: Instagram @stoneandblackinteriors

Colonial White and Black House

Here is a white colonial home with black shutters is a classic look that has been around forever. You can’t go wrong with black and white on a colonial style home.

colonial black and white house
Photo: Instagram @colonialonthehill

White Farmhouse Exterior

Currently an all white farmhouse is one of the most popular design trends for home exteriors. If you can’t get enough of this look, don’t worry you don’t have to live on a farm to achieve this style.

white farmhouse
Photo: Instagram -@the_broadmoor_house

The farmhouse style has transitioned into modern farmhouse, so you can make this style your own. If you have sharp roof lines similar to these homes, you should consider a darker color roof with coordinating windows or front doors.

The darker color on the roof stands out against an all white farmhouse exterior.

white farmhouse exterior
Photo: Instagram @sheprealestate

White Exterior Paint Color

Sherwin Williams most popular white paint color for exteriors is, Alabaster. This creamy white paint color is perfect for and space in your home or outside of your home.

Alabaster is not a bright white paint color, so your home won’t end up with a stark white look.

alabaster exterior
Alabaster Exterior – @halcyondesignco

Iron Ore Exterior Paint Color

Alabaster coordinates beautifully with the Sherwin Williams colors, Iron Ore. The color Iron Ore is a warmer shade of black white makes it a great match for Alabaster.

iron ore exterior
Iron Ore – Instagram

Black Outdoor Bar

Another way to bring black or white to your exterior is to build an outdoor bar. These outdoor bars will inspire you to build your own custom bar.

15 Black and White Exterior House Ideas 1
Photo: Instagram @revealdesign

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