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Wet vs Dry Bar: What is right for you?

Wondering what the difference is between a wet vs dry bar? Well, the answer is as simple as one is wet and one is dry.

Don’t worry a dry bar still contains alcohol, it just doesn’t have any plumbing connected to it.

If you are getting ready to build a bar then you should read these wet vs dry bar tips.

Both a wet bar and a dry bar have benefits, but determine which is right for your needs before building.

What is a Wet Bar?

A wet vs dry bar, is a bar that has some sort of plumbing hooked up to the bar. To be consider a wet bar, most bars have a sink built into the bar area to handwash barware.

Wet vs Dry Bar
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If you think you would use the sink enough or if the plumbing is already accessible then it is worth it to build a wet bar.

It can be costly to add a plumbing line, so consider if this is really worth the expense for your bar area.

Does a home bar need a sink?

Adding a home bar with a sink is all about your preference and needs. A wet bar offers a sink with running water, while a dry bar only offers a place to prepare drinks. Personally I do not see the need to have a sink in a home bar area. If you are looking to save money, I would skip the plumbing in this space.

What is a Dry Bar?

A dry bar is a bar without any plumbing hooked up in the bar area, but has everything else needed to entertain.

This bar is much easier and affordable to build on your own without a professional because you can avoid installing the plumbing.

I built my own home bar over 5 years ago and I don’t feel like I ever needed a sink in the bar area.

So, I recommend building a dry bar vs. a wet bar because there isn’t many times you will need a sink at a home bar.

Instead of handwashing dishes in a small bar sink, use a bus boy tray to carry the dirty barware upstairs.

wet vs dry bar

Wet vs Dry Bar

Typically a wet bar takes up a larger space and costs more money to build because of the required plumbing.

If you have the space and the budget then you should consider a wet bar vs a dry bar, especially if you plan on entertaining frequently.

A dry bar can fit anywhere in your home and can be custom built for your space and needs.

This bar is much cheaper to build because it does not require any plumbing and can be built by a beginner.

Here are basement bar ideas to inspire you to build your own wet bar or dry bar.

How to Make a Dry Bar Functional

There are a few tricks to make a dry bar feel more functional like a wet bar. If you decided to build a dry bar then you should add a mini fridge for bottles of water, chilled mixers, and cold beer or wine.

An ice machine makes up for not having a wet bar because guests can easily pour themselves an chilled beverage.

Easily Clean a Dry Bar

Add a bus boy tray or a smaller tray behind the bar for empty bottles, cans, and dirty barware. After the party ends, simply bring the tray upstairs and take the barware to the kitchen sink then empty recyclables.

Wash all of the dirty glasses in the larger kitchen sink or dishwasher and rinse the bus boy tray.

Building a Dry Bar

Even if you are new to woodworking projects, you should consider building yourself to save money. Building a bar isn’t hard with these DIY bar plans.

The plans are a helpful guide to build the exact bar shown or to slightly alter the bar as needed. Many customers have used the plans as a foundation to build from for their own space and needs.

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to building a bar then you might find this bar guide helpful and tips to building a bar frame.

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