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The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Finding a thoughtful gift for the person that has everything is tricky, but not with these ideas. These aren’t your typical birthday gift ideas for men.

The Dealer: Must Read!

How does Ferrari of Los Gatos go from number one in North America to losing everything in the blink of an eye? The revealing answer is in The Dealer: How One California Dealership Fueled the Rise of Ferrari Cars in America.

The truth is finally revealed in this must-read book by Jim Ciardella! Even if the person you are buying a gift for isn’t a motorhead, they will find this true story fascinating.

ferrari books

Seasonings for Grilling

If you are stumped and need a birthday gift ideas then you will love this seasoning set. The names of these all American seasonings will be sure to give them a laugh!

Box of Omaha Steaks

If you purchased a few seasonings then a box of meat from Omaha Steaks would pair nicely with the gift. Typically their is an intro deal for your first box, so you can order at a discounted rate to save money.

DIY Bar Plans

One of the most unique birthday gift ideas for men is to help them build a home bar. These bar plans make it easy for a beginner to take on building a home bar.

The bar plans are a great foundation to build from to make the design your own to fit your space and needs. Building a bar is a fun project to work on together and spend time with one another.

If you need a few ideas on the bar design then you will love these basement bars built by our customers.

birthday gift ideas for men

Tools to Build a Bar

Since a set of bar plans is cheap, you should consider buying a couple of tools to build the bar as a part of the gift.

If you don’t own many tools, you can borrow some from friends, family, or rent them from stores.

So, don’t rush to the store to buy every tool on the list but one of the tools would make for a nice gift.

Gift Card to Home Improvement Store

A gift card to a home improvement store pairs nicely with DIY bar plans. The gift card would be useful to buy lumber, tools, and other miscellaneous supplies for the project.

Beer or Wine Fridge

Another great birthday gift idea for men would be a beer fridge or a wine fridge. Even if they don’t have a bar, a fridge would be a nice addition to a basement or a garage.

A fridge can be a bit pricey, so you could go in on this gift with a few friends or family to take down the price per person.

Bar Lights

If you decided to buy bar plans or the person already has a bar, a LED light strip would be a great gift idea. You don’t realize you need bar lights until you have them because they make sure a difference.

Changing the colors is fun and the lighting accents the details of the bar area.


If the person that you are buying a gift for is a beer drinker than they would love a kegerator to keep their favorite beer on tap.

A kegerator is expensive, so split this gift with a group of friends or family to take down the price.

Keg of Craft Beer

If you bought a kegerator for a birthday gift the previous year then you set yourself up for their future birthday gifts. You can refill their kegerator with a keg of craft beer!

Round of Golf

Another good birthday gift that a lot of men would enjoy is a round of golf. This is a nice gift for the man that has everything. Gifting an experience is a way to go if they don’t need anything.

Take the time out of your busy schedule to go golfing together. Spending the time to bond is more important than any gift you can give.

Top Golf Gift Card

If he isn’t the pro golfer, a gift card or planning an outing to the nearest Top Golf is the way to go. You don’t have to be good at golfing to enjoy a couple rounds of Top Golf.

Order a bucket of drinks and a few appetizers while you take turns golfing. The lines are typically long, so reserve a bay well in advance to avoid waiting or being turned away.

Propane Heat Lamp

I know this sounds like an unusual gift, but if the person you are shopping for enjoys the outdoors they will love a propane heat lamp.

A propane heat lamp is a great gift idea because it something that someone wouldn’t wouldn’t buy themselves.

I purchased a propane heat lamp as a gift for my sister in law and she loved it so much that she purchased a second one.

Outdoor Entertaining Items

Buy everything they need to turn their space into an outdoor entertaining area. This could included a propane heat lamp, outdoor lights, fire pit, backyard games, or an outdoor cooler.

Depending on the budget for the gift you could buy a couple of items or buy a large gift to split with friends.

Scotch Glasses and Bottle of Scotch

Good quality scotch glasses and a nice bottle of scotch would be a nice birthday gift idea. Most people won’t treat themselves to an expensive bottle of scotch, but it is something they would enjoy.

If you are looking for more gift ideas, check out this post!

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