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Affordable Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bathroom wall decor ideas that are affordable and easy to make. Give your bathroom a quick makeover this weekend!

Wallpaper for Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom or even a large bathroom with a little nook, adding wallpaper with give the space a fun pop.

Since this is a small space, adhering wallpaper to this are won’t be a big project to install or remove. If you get tired of this wallpaper, you can quickly remove it.

bathroom art

This bathroom wallpaper has great reviews and it was very easy to install!

Bathroom Art

If your bathroom is like mine then you do not have any natural lighting because there are no windows. So, adding a window pain with a greenery or a mirror in it will help brighten up the space.

If you are going for a more subtle look in your bathroom then you might like this botanical boho wall art. The earth tones from the botanical wall art will go with any style or paint color in your bathroom.

Basket Art

Displaying baskets in your bathroom will bring in textured and warmth to the space. Texture is a needed in every room to help complete the space and make it visually pleasing.

Hang basket art or make your own DIY basket wall art to give your bathroom an affordable makeover.


Bringing in greenery is a must for every space in your home because it brightens up a room while bringing texture. You can easily mix and match greenery and display it in unique pots and wall mounted displays.

Bathroom Shelving

Another bathroom wall decor idea is to add shelving over the toilet to display small decor items. You can build your own wood shelves for under $20.

These shelves are so easy to make and be used in various spaces throughout your home.

bathroom wall decor ideas

If you aren’t up for a diy project then you might like these other affordable bathroom shelves.

Wall Sconces

This is not one of your typical bathroom wall decor ideas, but adding sconces makes a statement while bringing in soft lighting.

Mount a wall sconce on either side of your bathroom mirror to brighten up the space.

Bathroom Decor Ideas:

Here are other bathroom decor ideas to give your space a budget friendly makeover. Adding decor can dramatically update a space without any demo or painting.

DIY Bathroom Projects

If your bathroom needs a little more than just decor to transform the space then you should consider painting the bathroom vanity.

Tiling floor is not that hard either, but it can be a bit tedious and takes some patience. You might find our tips to lay down tile floor for a beginner helpful.

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