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9 Colorful Bar Stools Ideas That Will Pop!

Are you tired of playing it safe with your home deocr? Then you should go for something out of your comfort zone!

Instead of your typical neutral tones, take your space up a notch by adding colorful bar stools. These bars and kitchens will inspire you to bring a pop of color to your home!

Colorful Bar Stools

Adding a pop of color brings life to a boring space, so don’t be afraid to add colorful bar stools in front of your home bar area.

Don’t be afraid to spend money on something bold like these bar stools because you can always paint them a neutral color when you get tired of this look.

You can find super durable paint that is made with withstand outdoor elements, so the paint will hold up.

This bar is beautiful on its own, but the stools make it a fun area to relax by the pool with friends.

So, don’t worry about wasting money on a set of bright colored stools because you can always repurpose them.

colorful bar stools

Pink Bar Stools

These metal pink bar stools are unexpected, but they fit the design of this small bar perfectly.

It is not everyday that you see hot pink stools at a bar, which makes this such a fun little entertaining space for guests.

pink bar stools
Photo: Instagram @myhousedownsouth

If you are looking for additional outdoor bar ideas then you will enjoy these garden bar ideas too.

Yellow Bar Stools

An all yellow bar might seem like overkill, but it works if you do it right. The surrounding floral and yellow bar stools coordinate with the bar nicely while tying in the theme.

yellow bar stools
Photo: Instagram @vlazesurface

Green Bar Stools

This all white kitchen would have felt bland and boring, if it weren’t for the green bar stools in front of the island.

The color from the stools brings personality to the space and helps break up the neutral palate.

green bar stools
Photo: Instagram @nziarchitects

Bright Patterns on Bar Stools

If you are feeling really bold, you could even find a colorful stool with a pattern. A couple of bar stools with a dramatic pattern will dramatically spice up a space.

The great thing about these stools is that if the pattern goes out of style, you could reupholster them with new fabric yourself.

colorful bar stools
Photo: Instagram @1930home

Blue Bar Stools

A modern blue bar stool brings an unexpected pop of color to a clean white kitchen. The blue makes this space feel interesting and inviting.

blue bar stools
Photo: Instagram @melaleucainteriors

Red Bar Stools

Red bar stools are a classic that has been used in kitchens for years. These stools look great tucked under this neutral kitchen island.

red bar stools
Photo: Instagram @rwwhangarei

Copper Bar Stools

The metal bar stools bring subtle color to a room without overpowering space. Copper bar stools look great in both of these kitchens.

The copper tone from the chair compliments the light fixtures and decor items in the background.

metal bar stools
Photo: Instagram @_maple_house

So, if you aren’t quite ready to commit a bold color palate, you could decorate with metal bar stools instead.

Mixing in metals, textures, wood, and neutral palate is still a beautiful design that will always remain in style.

copper bar stools
Photo: Instagram @mamameganstevens

Neutral Bar Stool Ideas

If these bar stools are a little too bold for you then you might like these neutral stools. I get it, committing to color isn’t easy and it might not fit your current style.

I personally would not add colorful bar stools in my kitchen or any main living area. Colorful bar stools are fun to add to a home bar in a basement or an outdoor bar.

For even more ways to incorporate colorful bar stools into your home, take a look at Elle Decor for inspiration.