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7 Beautiful Walk In Shower Ideas

Thinking about updating your bathroom shower? These beautiful walk in shower ideas will inspire you redesign that outdated shower in your home.

The only con to having a gorgeous shower is a high water bill because you won’t want to leave this space.

Walk in Shower with Skylight

Adding a skylight to a small bathroom makes this walk in shower feel huge due to the natural lighting.

Neutral colors and simple decor give this bathroom everything it needs without feeling cluttered and cramped.

If you are decorating a tight space, you might find this small bathroom ideas helpful.

walk in shower ideas

Stylish Modern Walk In Shower Ideas

You can’t go wrong with a modern shower design because it will never go out of style. A modern walk in shower is sleek and stylish with clean lines throughout the space.

Laying the tile in a floor to ceiling vertical pattern helps elongate the space, making it feel much larger than it is.

modern shower
Photo: Instagram

Tiling the opposing wall a different color helps break up the tile and coordinate the colors in the space.

So, before you tile your shower, make sure you consider the look and feel of the entire bathroom.

Painting a wood slat ceiling a bold color is unexpected, but it works. The bold ceiling choice, brings in texture and drama to this walk in shower.

The black painted slat ceiling ties in the black mirrored door perfectly. The great thing about this ceiling is that if you get tired of it, you can simple prime and paint over it with a couple coats of white paint.

beautiful shower ideas
Photo: Instagram

Bright White Bathroom

A bright white walk in shower always gives off a fresh and clean feeling. The great thing about a bright white bathroom, is that you can easily change the look of it with a few tweaks.

walk in shower ideas
Photo: Instagram

To give a white bathroom a new look, change the hardware, faucets, and shower heads. Changing out hardware seems like a small adjustment, but it brings a big impact to a space.

Consider bringing in decor, greenery, woven blinds to add texture, and a large light fixture above the tub to elevate the space.

The white is a blank canvas that is timeless and will match with any style of decor!

Doorless Walk In Shower

A doorless walk in shower makes the space feel larger because of how open the space is.

Another bonus to a doorless shower, is that you don’t have to spend hours cleaning the gunk off of the shower doors.

It can take forever to clean a set of bathroom doors and they do not stay sparkling clean for long.

doorless walk in shower ideas
Photo: Instagram

Bathtub Shower Combo

If you have the space this would be a great option to contain all the moisture in one area of the bathroom.

You might find yourself soaking in the tub more often because of how easy it is to rinse off after a bath.

This beautiful shower idea with the bathtub shower combination designed by Lindye Galloway is a stunning!

A bathtub shower combo would also be a fantastic space for toddlers because they splash water up the walls and onto the tile floor.

walk in shower ideas
Photo: Instagram

Lighted Shower Niches

Lighted shower niche give this walk in shower a custom spa like feel. Adding a niche is simple feature, but it makes the space feel as though an interior design carefully planned out the room.

Small touches in a room, go a long way!

lighted shower shelves
Photo: Instagram

Bathroom Refresh Ideas

A quick way to update your bathroom on a budget is to frame the mirror, paint an outdated vanity, bring in new decor items, and update the paint color on the walls.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.