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11 Light Wood Coffee Table Ideas

Light wood coffee table ideas that fit any budget or design style. These coffee tables will totally revamp your living room giving it a whole new look and feel.

Boho Coffee Table

This light wood coffee table fits perfectly in the center of this boho living room. A room decorated with a neutral color palate, texture, and simple patterns make this a boho coffee table.

Boho is a new design style that fills a room with lots of layers creating a visually pleasing design. The light wood coffee table here coordinates perfectly with this design style.

boho coffee table
Photo Credit: Kelsey Leigh Design Co

Light Wood Coffee Table Ideas

A light wood coffee table can easily be paired with any decor or color palate. The stain on a lighter coffee table are subtle and typically do not show any red tones.

A neutral stained wood will blend with any design style because the tone of the wood will not compete against other colors in your home.

If you decorate with a red tone wood, certain colors in your home pop against this tone of wood. There is nothing wrong with this, it all depends on the look you are going for in your home.

Keep this in mind when shopping for wood furniture or when selecting a stain for a wood project.

Solid Wood Coffee Table

A solid wood coffee table looks best in a large room because it can help fill the space. If you have a large living room and it looks empty then adding a solid wood coffee table with a lighter stain will be your best option.

solid wood coffee table
Photo Credit: Kerry Spears Interiors

Another option for a large living room would be to decorate with 2 smaller coffee tables and place them side by side.

To decorate a large living room, I recommend either small squares like below or slim rectangle coffee tables.

The light wood coffee tables can then be arranged side by side to complete the space.

light wood coffee tables

Live Edge Coffee Table

A live edge coffee table speaks for itself in a living room and does not require a lot of decor. In fact decorating with too much decor, can take away from the beauty of a live edge coffee table.

The live edge coffee table below is perfectly decorate with small and simply items, so you can still see the grain of the table.

A live edge pulls orange tones in the wood, giving a neutral room a little color and texture.

live edge coffee table
Photo Credit: Sarah Barnard

Affordable Coffee Tables

I love look and feel of high end furniture, but it isn’t practical with little kids. My boys still race their hot wheel cars across the table making an occasional mark on the table.

So, a more cost effective piece of furniture is a better option if you have kids.

If you are looking for a quality coffee table on a budget then you will love these tables that I just purchased for my home.