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Best White Paint Colors for Any Space

Choosing a paint color for your home is tough, but selecting the perfect shade of white is one of the hardest colors to get right.

Tips to Finding the Best White Paint Colors

To save you time and prevent stress for our next paint project, I found the best shades of white paint.

These colors look great in and space no matter the lighting, so you won’t end up with a light pink room that you thought would turn out white.

white paint colors
Alabaster – Photo Credit: @ourcottageliving

I purchased an entire gallon of paint that I thought was white based off of the paint chip.

Then painted the entire bathroom expecting it to look off white, but the room ended up light pink.

As always try samples of all paint colors on your wall because the paint will look slightly different in each space.

The lighting in a room can totally change the appearance of a white color by pulling different undertones from the paint.

So, it is worth it to buy a few different samples and test them on the wall before painting an entire room.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

A simple color that effortless blends with existing paint colors and any home decor style is Alabaster.

The paint Alabaster color by Sherwin is a warmer white, but it is not overly warm that it feels yellow.

Alabaster is a good mix of white with warmth, so that color does not feel stark.

alabaster color
Photo Credit: @styledwith_sarah

Sherwin Williams Pure White

When you see the name “Pure White” you think of a cold bright white paint color.

Pure white is a bright white, but it has a warmth too it making it feel more cozy yet clean.

This shade of white would look great as an exterior paint, on painted cabinets, or trim throughout your home.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Snowbound by Sherwin is not as warm as the other colors mentioned because of the gray undertone.

The gray undertone in this color really shows when the color is paired with gray decor or near other gray paint colors.

If you are looking for a more cool shade of white then you will not be disappointed by Snowbound.

white paint colors
Photo Credit: @ournhhome

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Chatilly Lace is a crisp white that has a cooler feel due to the blue and gray understones.

Even though this color is a true white color, it does not have a sterile look or feel to it when wood and natural lighting are added to the space.

benjamin moore chantilly lace
Photo Credit: @theazbeachhouse

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Simply White by Benjamin Moore is the perfect color for trim, ceilings, doors, and cabinets

The color is true shade of white that feels sophisticated and polished, especially when used as a trim color.

Simply White pops as a trim color with and wall color.

simply white benjamin moore
Photo Credit: @highcottonhomes

Benjamin Moor Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is an off white that is very versatile due to the undertones of the color.

This white color has green, yellow, and blue undertones mixed in that give it a warmer feel.

Depending on the existing home decor and surrounding painting colors, Swiss Coffee can appear creamy and soft.

swiss coffee paint color
Photo Credit: @sundayhousedesign

Not the Best White Paint Color

I thought selecting a shade of white would be easy because it is just white paint, but I was wrong.

There are so many different shades of white with different undertones, which makes it so difficult to pick a color.

My first experience with white paint wasn’t great because I felt overwhelmed and I rushed to pick a color.

After browsing the white paint chips for an hour in Home Depot, I just selected any white color because I was over it.

Rolling on the White Paint Color

I came home with my newly mixed white paint and started rolling the color onto the walls in my hall bathroom.

The color that I thought was white in the store, ended up looking like a shade of light pink.

It could have been the lighting in my bathroom that made this color appear more pink.

I should of tried a sample of this color before purchasing an entire gallon of paint.

If you need a few tips to painting a room then you will love this trick to cut in like a pro without tape!

Change of Plans

After accidentally painting my hall bathroom a light shade of pink, I gave up on white for a while.

I ended up painting the bathroom a dark shade of green, which is totally different than my original plan.

My bathroom turned out great and I love how the color Riverway by Sherwin looked in the space.


It has been sometime since this project, so now I am moving into the modern farmhouse style lately.

I’ve always had a more modern style but not a cold modern, more of a cozy modern feel.

So, this is why the name modern farmhouse or rustic modern perfectly describes my style.

Now that I figured out my style, I started researching white painting colors for my next paint projects.

I hope found these examples of white paint colors helpful for your next paint project!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.