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What is Bar Height and Counter Height?

Scratching your head trying to determine what bar height or counter height is? Everything you need to know about standard bar height, counter height, and more.

If you are getting ready to build a bar or a kitchen island then this is a good place to start.

Building a piece of wood furniture is easier than you think, if you know your counter and bar measurements.

Bar Top

If you are getting ready to build your own bar, you should consider how thick your bar top is.

A bar frame should be around 40 inches tall if you are using bar top that is 2 inches thick.

So your bar will measure bar height at 42 inches for a 30 inch bar stool height to fit nicely under.

Typical bar top is 16 to 20 inches wide. I recommend using a bar top closer to 20 inches, so you have extra room for appetizers and drinks.

I made my bar top closer to 16 inches wide and I regret not making a larger bar top because I actually use my bar more often then I thought I would.

bar height

Bar Height Stools

Bar stools vary from 28 inches to 33 inches tall. My home bar stools are 30 inches tall and my home bar is about 42 inches tall.

The bar stools fit perfectly under my bar and feel comfortable when sitting up against the bar.

Standard Bar Height

Bar height is typically 42 inches tall and most bar stools are 30 inches tall. When building a home bar, remember to consider the thickness of the bar top in your overall bar height.

You would need to decrease or increase the bar height depending on the thickness of the bar top.

bar height

Counter Height

Standard counter height is 36 inches and most counter stool are 27 inches tall. If you are building a piece of furniture for your kitchen then you should consider counter height.

Building furniture to counter height will match the kitchen cabinets and flow with the kitchen, making the item more functional.

counter height

If you are shopping for counter height stools, determine how tall your island or bar area is in your kitchen. Some kitchen islands can have a higher ledge, which would require taller than average counter stools.

Typically counter height stools measure between 24 and 27 inches tall. If you aren’t quite sure what would work best, try buying 1 stool and testing it instead of buying a set of 4-6 stools.

This would make the return process much easier and less stressful.

counter height

Bar Height Vs Pub Height Tables

Most pub height tables are the same as bar height. Pub height is 42 inches and pub height stools or chairs are 30 inches tall.

A standard bar height dining room table is also the same thing as a pub table.

If you are building your own bar and have extra scrap wood, you should consider building your own pub height table to match.

Bar Height vs Pub Height Stools

Pub height and bar height dining table stools measure 30 inches tall just like typical bar stool height.

bar height vs counter height

Standard Table Height

A standard kitchen or dining table measures 30 inches tall and chairs are 18 inches high. We decided to build our own kitchen table because we wanted a solid piece of furniture and an affordable price.

If you are thinking about building your own kitchen table then you should check out our tips here.

kitchen table height

Table Height Chairs

Kitchen and dining table height chairs are 18 inches tall. My dining table is 30 inches tall and the chairs around about 20 inches tall.

The chairs have a lot of cushion, but the cushion doesn’t sink down much to allow for much leg room.

So if you are adding padding and upholstering chairs, keep in mind that the cushion should not be too firm or your chairs will feel too high.

kitchen table height

Coffee Table Height

Coffee table height is typically 14-20 inches high. It depends on the style and feel you are going for, but I prefer a coffee table to measure in the middle.

My coffee table 18 inches high and it feels like the right height for my space. This height feels comfortable to lean forward and work on a laptop, eat a meal, and of course rest my coffee on.

If you need a few tips and tricks to build a DIY coffee table, check out our post here!

console table height

Console Table Height

Console tables can vary depending on the space in the room. If you are making a standard entryway console table, I recommend the height of 30 inches.

I have a decorative console table 30 inches tall and it fits perfectly in a corner next to my couch.

If you are looking to build a longer console table to rest below a mounted tv, the height of 30 inches or slightly taller will look great here too.

I mounted tv just above a 30 inch console tv and it looks great, but there is a little dead space that I have to decorate because I hung the tv a little to high.

Keep this in mind when mounting your tv or displaying wall art over a console table. You want the piece to be hung at eye level, so the area looking symmetrical.

console table height

What is standard bar height?

Bar height is 42 inches.

What is standard counter height?

Counter height is 36 inches.

What is standard coffee table height?

Coffee table height is 18 inches, but can vary between 14-20 inches.

What is standard console table height?

Console table height is 30 inches.

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