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DIY Home Improvement Ideas to Save Money!

Whether you are a new home owner or have a small budget these diy home improvement ideas are great for beginners.

If you aren’t afraid of a little sweat equity than here are some projects that really save you money!

Why Should I DIY Home Improvement

You should consider doing it yourself when it comes to smaller home improvement projects because no one cares about your home more than you do.

Before you go nuts and start demoing your entire house, there are some projects that are above diy level.

If you do not feel safe or confident in your ability to take on larger projects, than you should contact a professional.

DIY Home Improvement Ideas

All of our ideas include detailed and easy to follow instructions, so you will feel confident taking on these projects.

The small finishing details always make the biggest difference in every completed project. So, remember this and do not rush to finish projects to move onto the next.

When you are working on your home, take it room by room and make sure to completely finish each project.

Ripping Up Carpet

If you aren’t afraid to put in a little sweat equity than this is a project that any beginner can take on.

When I wrote this post, I saved nearly 10k by doing it myself. Since then I have taken on many other projects and saved even more!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinets and counters sounds great, but it comes at a big price. Before you decide to gut your kitchen you should consider this diy home improvement project. If your kitchen layout is decent and your cabinets are in good shape than painting cabinets will make a big difference.

diy home improvement

Airstone Fireplace

If you have an outdated fireplace than this is a quick and easy way to update it. Just don’t get carried away and add stone walls in every room now that you learned how to use Airstone.

Wood Panel Wall to Drywall

Wood paneling is so dark and really doesn’t do much for a room. It can be a big expense to rip it out and replace, so instead you can turn wood paneling into drywall with this trick.

Ugly Builder Grade Bathroom

Even if you purchased a new home, they come with large build grade mirrors. Add a mirror frame over the existing mirror to give the space a new look for under $20!

If you have leftover wood from previous projects than you can make this for free using scrap wood! Check out our other scrap wood mirror frame.

Bathroom Vanity

Painting a bathroom vanity is another way to update a boring bathroom. A new vanity isn’t that expensive, but it is actually a bigger project than you realize.

We purchased a new vanity for one of other bathrooms and we didn’t realize we needed a new faucet and miscellaneous plumbing supplies.

Before buying a new vanity stop and think if you could repurpose the vanity you already have to save money.

Here are some other diy home improvement ideas from our bathroom project under $50!

Orange Staircase Railing

If you staircase is that ugly orange oak color there are a some options to change it. You could paint it or stain it and dramatically update it.

I decided to stain my stair railing to match my laminate flooring for under $20!

oak staircase updpate

Laminate Flooring

If you decided to rip up your carpet than here is an diy home improvement project that you should try.

We installed Pergo snap and click laminate flooring and we love how it turned out. Not only did we save thousands by doing it ourselves, we know it is done right.

Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for vinyl flooring than, you should read this before you buy. Lifeproof flooring is one of the most durable vinyl flooring options out there here’s why.

Grout Cleaner

Here is a quick way to clean and seal grout all in one step. Cleaning grout is one of those annoying projects, but it really makes a huge difference.

diy home improvement

Accent Wall Ideas

Adding an accent wall is a fun way to update any space in your home. A coat of paint or a board and batten accent wall will make a room more interesting and inviting.

diy home improvement projects

Laundry Room Ideas

Updating a laundry room sounds silly, but it is a quick and affordable project. So, if you have scrap materials from another project than you can use them up in this space.


Even if you are new to home projects, trying a few small projects will make a big difference in your home. Something as simple as a a coat of paint or stain will bring a big impact while saving you money!