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How to Clean Tile Grout – The Easy Way!

Are those dirty grout lines staring back at you driving you nuts?! Then follow these steps on how to clean tile grout and keep it that way!

How to Clean Tile Grout on Kitchen Floors

I have tried harsh cleaners and scrub brushes to clean my kitchen grout, but they take a long time and smell terrible.

how to clean tile grout
Using Grout Renew!

If you are looking to clean your floors, I did have good luck with soft scrub bleach and a toothbrush.

This will turn your grout super white, but the odor is very strong and this does not seal the grout.

If you decide to use soft scrub bleach, I recommend opening all the windows and wear a mask.

I recommend using an alternative that will not only clean your grout and turn it white, but seal it as well!

Cleaning White Grout with Grout Renew

Here is why I recommend using Grout Renew to clean your dirty grout lines over other products.

This product will dramatically change the color of your stained grout with only a toothbrush and no scrubbing!

Grout Renew also comes in a variety of colors, so you can find a perfect match for your tile file.

how to clean tile grout
Just posing like I’m in a grout commercial LOL

After you brush this stuff onto your grout, you simply just wipes any excess off with a rag.

This product is so easy to apply, and seals your grout so you don’t have to go through this process again!

Items Required to Clean Tile Grout:

how to clean dirty grout
Grout Renew!

Step 1 – Clean Your Floor

Sweep or vacuum your floor thoroughly then mop the entire area.

If you notice there are crumbs after moping the floor then I recommend vacuuming again.

I have 2 toddler boys that like to throw food all over the floor, so my floors are gross and require a couple passes of the vacuum to get them clean.

how to clean tile grout

Step 2 – Cleaning Dirty Grout Lines

Put on gloves and pour a small amount of Grout Renew onto a paper plate.

Start in a corner with a soft bristle toothbrush, a rag, and your grout cleaner.

Lightly dab the toothbrush into the Grout Renew and brush it onto the grout.

Dragging the toothbrush along the grout line until the brush is dry.

Then wipe off any excess Grout Renew from the tile, and repeat this process until your entire floor is complete.

grout renew
Look at the difference already!

Step 3 – Optional 2nd Coat of Grout Renew

My floor looked great after one coat of Grout Renew, but in higher traffic areas the grout looks gray not bright white.

So, in higher traffic areas, I recommend doing a second application as the grout may not be as white.

After applying a second coat my grout lines turned out bright white and match my white cabinets perfectly!

grout renew
After! Just need to mop to get rid of the haziness.

Step 4 – Cleaning the Floor

It is recommended to let Grout Renew dry for 72 hours before getting it wet.

So, let your floor completely dry before moping the floor again.

Your floor will look slightly hazy at first, but this goes away after you mop the floor.

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Evan Jr. Wilson

Wednesday 18th of August 2021

Amazing tips! I think most of the people did not know about grout cleaners.

Thanks for telling us about the importance of solvency. Keep sharing this post more and more.

The DIY is very well made, extremely informative and the directions are easy to follow.

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