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Easy Things to Paint on Canvas

Easy Things to Paint on Canvas

If you have an outdated canvas then this is an easy thing to paint for beginners. Using textured wallpaper, you can make DIY canvas art to match your home decor.

Find Your Inspiration

Browse the various online stores for inspiration for your canvas painting. I found this Pottery Barn painting selling online for nearly 400 dollars!

The painting was beautiful, but I was not paying this price for a small piece of art.

I like to change things in my home often, so I find it best to shop thrift stores or make things to save money.

easy things to paint

Plus it is so satisfying when you can replicate an expensive piece for only a few dollars out of pocket.

The fact that you saved so much money on the item, will make you enjoy it even more than the real thing.

How to Make a Canvas Painting

You can find blank canvas in a variety of sizes at any craft store or you can update a canvas that you have on hand.

There are a few ways to update a canvas, but I decided to wrap mine in wallpaper.

I recommend using a thick material such as wallpaper or contact paper to cover your canvas.

The wallpaper that I used for this project is paintable and has texture to make my painting a little more interesting.

This pottery barn dupe looks best with a little texture because it looks more like the original design.

If you are looking for other ideas for easy things to paint then you might like my other projects.

Why Make Your Own Canvas Painting

Painting a canvas is easier than you think and you can paint it to match your home décor perfectly.

It is fun to make custom home decor and you save a ton of money.

Browse around online and find some inspiration for your canvas, so you can try to recreate your own work of art.

There are so many times that I bought home decor and I am over it, so quickly.

The things that I have made for my home have been my favorite items, and they make me feel so proud that I made that.

I also, made pottery barn knock off basket wall art for under $20, and I love how they came out. The originals were selling for over $300!

Below is my canvas before covering it with paintable wallpaper.

diy canvas art
Canvas Before

Covering the Canvas

Before ordering your wallpaper or contact paper make sure that you will have enough material to overlap your canvas.

You should have at least an inch of overlap to cover the sides of the canvas.

If you accidentally ordered a wallpaper that is too short, you could still adhere it to the canvas.

Once you paint over the sides of the canvas, the paint should help cover the sides.

Wood Frame

Another option is to add a frame to your diy canvas art with common board.

The common board will act as a floating frame on the outside of the canvas.

I planned on adding a frame to my canvas at some point, so standby because I will be posting about that soon.

Attaching the Wallpaper

To attach the wallpaper to your diy canvas art you will need a staple gun, scissors, and staples.

Lay the canvas down flat and place the wallpaper overtop of the canvas.

Then cut the wallpaper with scissors, making sure to leave at least an inch of overlap.

The wallpaper should overlap all sides of the canvas, so you can properly secure it.

Watch the video to get a better idea of how to make your own diy canvas art.

Stapling the Wallpaper

Grab a staple gun and extra staples, to start attaching the wallpaper.

Firmly press the staple gun against a side of the canvas, making sure to space the staples 1-2 inches.

After I finished the right side of the canvas, I moved onto the left side.

Make sure the wallpaper is stretched tightly to the left side then staple it in place.

Following the same steps for all remaining sides until the wallpaper is attached.

Make sure to watch the video to get a better idea of how to make your own diy canvas art.

Wallpaper Corners

There should be an overlap of wallpaper on the ends of the canvas that need to be tucked back.

The wallpaper should be folded cleaning like you are wrapping a gift as seen below.

Once the wallpaper is laying flat against the side, you can secure it in place with a staple.

diy canvas art
Attaching corners

Painting the Wallpaper

If you went with a paintable wallpaper then grab your paint and brushes to finish your diy canvas painting.

I used scrap paint from miscellaneous projects in my home, so this would match my home decor.

Recently I painted my master bathroom vanity green, so I wanted to bring this same color into my master bedroom.

easy things to paint

On a paper plate, I mixed different shades of green, gray, white and black.

The nice thing about this project is that it is easy to paint and you can’t mess it up.

If you don’t love how a color turned out or didn’t blend well, simply add more paint to blend it in.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to put more detail into your abstract canvas painting then I recommend using a smaller paint brush.

I am not artistic at all, so I just used a random paint brush and a roller that I had on hand.

The nice about abstract, is that if you mess up you can easily blend colors over top to fix your mistake.

If you are not satisfied with your diy canvas art, you can paint over it with a shade of white and try again.

Easy Things to Paint

My pottery barn knock off canvas isn’t perfect, but I had fun making it and it was inexpensive.

It was easy to make and matches my color scheme perfectly and brings a little texture to my room.

Plus it used up some samples of paint that I had laying around.

If you are looking for other easy things to paint then you will enjoy some of my other projects.

easy things to paint
My DIY Canvas Art!

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