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How to Make a Cozy Living Room

How to Make a Cozy Living Room

I found a few tricks to make a cozy living room with a small budget. Here are simple budget simple living room ideas to warm up your space!

Simple Budget Simple Living Room Ideas

The simplest way to give your living room a makeover is to add texture. As I mentioned before you can add texture with neutral accent wall to make a living room visual pleasing.

You can add texture with throw pillows or a blanket to make a couch look less boring.

Texture can also, be added with curtains, wall art, an area rug, and baskets.

Adding this basket tray to this plain ottoman turning this into a coffee table with a lot of visual interest.

simple budget simple living room ideas

Living Room Console

I made this living room console to fit in a small corner of the room then added baskets for storage.

You would never know that these baskets hold legos, cars, and other miscellaneous toys.

This small living room console is a perfect way to hide toys and keep my space feeling more adult like.

simple budget simple living room ideas

Living Room Decor Ideas Using Repurposed Items

Before I rush to the store to buy new modern farmhouse living room decor items, I shop my own home for things that can be repurposed.

Some items work better in other rooms, so I try to rework it instead of adding another item to my pile clutter in my basement.

If moving an item around still doesn’t work then I will consider spray painting the item.

Spray painting can give an item a whole new look and feel for only a few dollars.

Living Room Wall Art Repurposed

It is hard to get yourself to spray paint a newer decor item, but if the item is just going to be stashed in a closet then consider painting it.

These small mirror were gold before I spray painted them black. They didn’t look bad in the color gold, but they just didn’t match my existing living room wall decor.

living room wall decor ideas

I also repurposed this wreathe by attaching it to a simple black window pain. The window looked a little boring, so added the wreathe really made a big difference.

living room wall decor

Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

If you do not want to paint your entire living room, you could add an accent wall.

An accent wall can be painted a different color to give a room a bit of drama or to tie in another color.

Paint a modern accent wall the same color as the existing wall color, can add a little texture to the room.

This accent wall can easily be added for under $100!

living room wall decor

Texture is an easy way to decorate without committing to a bold color, but still looks interesting.

If you want to warm up your space, you can add a weather wood accent wall.

There are cheaper ways to go about a wood accent wall, but I found this kit to easily add the wood.

Add Warmth to Your Living Room

When I purchased my first home, I went a little nuts with the color gray.

I painted my entire house a stark shade of gray that felt cold.

To warm up my gray rooms, I added wood tones with living room shelves.

Adding in greenery also help make a space feel more cozy.

Even if you aren’t known for your green thumb, adding in a fake fiddle, pampas grass, eucalyptus spray will look great.

Living Room Shelves

Adding floating shelves to a living room can help fill up a small corner or even a large space.

Sometimes a large wall can be hard to decorate so adding wood living room shelves can make a big difference.

Living room shelves allows you to add small decor items and plants to bring more interest and tie in your design theme.

I try to keep my shelving design simple by adding just a few items to each shelf.

Making sure to match the heights and space out the textured items to add symmetry to the living room shelves.

living room shelves

I am a big believer in the saying less is more because over decorating a space makes me feel anxious.

Every time I decorate a space, I step back to see how it makes me feel. If it feels to cluttered, I remove a couple of items or more things around.

These living room shelves below are in a small corner, so they only needed a few items to add interest to this tight space.

living room shelves

If you want to keep a subtle or muted look to your living room wall decor then you should add black and white photos.

I took the most special moments from my life and developed them into these black and white photos.

Since the frames and photos are black and white on these floating shelves, it is easy to decorate around.

I can easily mix and match other wall decor, throw pillows, and curtains without competing with these living room shelves.

living room shelves

DIY Vase

Adding a vase with greener will bring in texture and interest to your living room.

Here is a quick little project made with a railroad spring Learn how to make this railroad spring vase!

simple budget simple living room ideas
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Living Room Lighting Ideas

Changing the lighting in a room can have a dramatic effect on a space.

Consider swapping out bright lighting for Edison bulbs or add a dimmer switch.

You can even give an outdated lamp a facelift with a coat of spray paint or changing the lamp shade.

These plugin scones can be hung anywhere to add a little extra light in a darker space.

living room wall ideas

Simple Living Room Art

Instead of adding bold wall art that is a bit distracting, display simple wall art. The color are muted and blend nicely to create a calming feeling in this beautiful living room.

Heather from Setting of Four really knows how to design an elegant space! To see more of her designs you view her website here!

Living Room Pillow Covers

I recently became obsessed with pillow covers because it allows me to easily give my living room a makeover.

It took me years to figure out how to put a set of throw pillows together (not even joking).

Instead of getting rid of my throw pillows, I measured them all and found pillow covers.

After each season is over, I scoop up a few more pillow covers on clearance to display next year.

It is fun to change the pillows for each season because it keeps things fresh.

Changing the pillows covers also changes up the living room decor by mixing in colors that I wouldn’t typically decorate with.

If you need a few tips to put together a set of throw pillows, here are a few of my favorite tricks.

living room wall decor ideas

Scrap Wood Living Room Decor Ideas

My garage was filled with scrap wood, so I started thinking of what I could do with it.

Instead of lugging the scrap wood to the curb, I made living room decor to give my living room a quick makeover.

I made several sets of shelves, wall art, Christmas décor, a desk, pictures frames, and more with scrap wood.

The fun thing about making your own items is that you can stain or paint them to match your space.

I have dark laminate flooring in my home, so I stained my shelves a darker color to match my floors.

To take it a step further, I even stained a staircase near my living room to match the floor.

Living Room Paint Ideas

Painting isn’t the easiest way to update a room, but it is an inexpensive way to dramatically change a room.

If your living room wall color just isn’t right then change it up a new paint color. Both the colors green and greige are trending.

Find the best shades of green paint and greige paint!

how to make a cozy living room

Splurge on New Items

Decide what you should splurge on for your living room makeover before buying all new items.

Sometimes a hideous light fixture or ceiling fan, can’t be fixed with a coat of paint.

I tried to decorate around a huge palm leaf fan, but it just did not work.

The fan was huge and sucked the life out of the room, so I finally had to replace it with a smaller modern fan.

A new fan was worth the splurge because it brightened up the entire space because it wasn’t so dark and bulky.

I am all about saving money where I can, but sometimes you just have to splurge on a few new items.

So before you throw out everything you own and buy new, take a look around.

You might have some hidden gems already in your home that just need to moved around or painted.

If you have leftover wood from previous projects than you can make this for free using scrap wood! Check out our other scrap wood mirror frame.

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