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Budget Small Bathroom Ideas

Save money with these beginner friendly budget small bathroom ideas. Don’t pay someone to update your space when you can easily do it yourself. Even adding a little bathroom art will make a big difference in this small space!

Beginner Friendly Bathroom Updates on a Budget

If you are a beginner like I was when I took on these DIY projects, don’t be intimidated.

A beginner might do a better job than a hired professional in some instances.

budget small bathroom ideas

Think about it, no one cares more about your home more than you do!

Some professionals do great job work, but there many stories of homeowners being ripped off.

If you have the patience to take on a project, you can make your space look like new with these bathroom updates on a budget.

Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

The nice thing about this project is that you do not have to remove anything!

You are simply adding 4 pieces of wood around your existing mirror.

Adding a frame will dramatically change the look of your space and only cost a few dollars.

If you have an oval bathroom mirror you could add wood beads to the outside to give the space a little texture.

A diy mirror frame is the perfect bathroom art to update a boring space!

small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

The frame can be thick or thin and stain or painted to match your bathroom vanity.

I added a mirror frame to 2 of my bathrooms and it totally changed the whole feel of the space.

Follow these simple instructions to add a DIY mirror frame to your bathroom.

Build Custom Shelving

There really isn’t much to shelving, so I am not sure why shelves can be so expensive.

If you have some extra scrap wood laying around then these shelves can be almost free!

I made a small shelf for above a DIY coat rack out of scrap wood.

Instead of using the hooks for coats, you can hang towels.

small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

The brackets were the most expensive part of the shelf, but you can even make your own wood brackets.

If you need more ideas on how to use up scrap wood, check out our post here.

Floating Picture Shelves

So, I made a set of picture shelves then I got carried away and made 4 sets of these shelves.

I gave a set away as a house warming gift, but then I had a bunch of extra shelves leftover.

I cut a set of these shelves in half and hung them in my bathroom behind the toilet.

The shelves fit perfectly in this space and warm up the bathroom with the wood tone.

bathroom updates on a budget, bathroom shelves

The picture shelves don’t have to be used just to display family photos.

I added small glass bottles, plants, and other random decor to decorate the shelves.

These floating picture shelves are easy and inexpensive to make, so don’t buy them for hundreds of dollars.

Make these shelves yourself!

Bathroom Art Ideas for Cheap

Here are some bathroom art ideas that I love. These items will give your space a high end look for less!

Budget Small Bathroom Ideas 1 Budget Small Bathroom Ideas 2 Budget Small Bathroom Ideas 3 Budget Small Bathroom Ideas 4 Budget Small Bathroom Ideas 5 Budget Small Bathroom Ideas 6 Budget Small Bathroom Ideas 7 Budget Small Bathroom Ideas 8

Paint a Bathroom Vanity for a Budget Update

Instead if removing the large double sink vanity, I gave my bathroom an update on a budget with paint.

I found the best paint for painting cabinets that can withstand moisture and mildew, making it perfect for a bathroom.

Painting a vanity will cost around $20 instead of spending hundreds or more on a brand new vanity.

I purchased a small vanity for my home for around $150, which at the time wasn’t too bad.

budget very small bathroom ideas

It didn’t hit me until I opened the box with the new vanity that I needed to purchase a new faucet and miscellaneous plumbing items to install the new vanity.

It is easy to remove a vanity, but there is more that goes into it than just installing a new vanity.

How to Install a New Vanity

I installed a new vanity thinking it would be a quick swap from the outdated vanity to the new vanity.

Wrong. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought because I didn’t factor in the possible plumbing connection issues.

I also, didn’t think about how to mount the vanity to the wall, caulk along the top portion of the vanity, and how to level the vanity.

budget very small bathroom ideas

If I had known this from the beginning, I would have just gave this vanity a quick coat of paint and moved on.

I am loving my new vanity, but I don’t know if I’d tackle this project again unless the existing vanity was hideous and paint wouldn’t improve the look.

If you have the motivation to install a new vanity, check out our post here.

Installing New Tile Flooring

The existing floor in my bathroom with cheap builder grade laminate, so I decided I would give tiling a try.

My sister wanted her powder room tiled, so I offered to help because she was happy for free labor and didn’t care if it wasn’t the best work.

It was the perfect place to get my tiling confidence up before taking on my bathroom with my Type A personality wife LOL.

budget very small bathroom ideas
Here is my sister’s bathroom after I installed the tile, not bad for a beginner!

Laying the actual tile down was easy, but making some of the cuts around the toilet were a little tricky.

I am really happy with my tile job, and I would definitely tile again if I needed to because it was worth the savings.

budget small bathroom ideas
My bathroom after I installed tile. My wife loves it…Phew!

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Jacksonville Bathroom Remodel

Thursday 9th of March 2023

Great article! Thanks for sharing this.. Designing a small bathroom on a budget can be a challenging task, but it's not impossible. One of the best ways to maximize a small bathroom's potential is by utilizing space-saving fixtures and fittings. For example, opting for a corner sink or a wall-mounted toilet can free up floor space and make the room feel more spacious. Additionally, consider replacing outdated or worn out fixtures, such as faucets and showerheads, with more modern and energy-efficient options. Adding a fresh coat of paint, new towels, and some well-placed accessories can also go a long way in sprucing up the space without breaking the bank. Finally, be sure to prioritize function over form and focus on creating a bathroom that meets your practical needs while still reflecting your personal style.

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