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How to Paint Laminate Furniture

Have an outdate piece of furniture that can use a makeover? Instead of lugging it to the curb give it a new look with this tips on how to paint laminate furniture.

Painting furniture is easy, but you want to make sure you are using the best products so it holds up. This post will teach you how to paint laminate furniture for a smooth and durable finish!

How to Paint Laminate Furniture

I have painted a several pieces of wood and laminate furniture, so I learned a few tips and tricks along the way to help save time and money.

I’m sharing my best tips and favorite furniture paint for updating wood and laminate furniture!

This furniture paint is so durable, that you can use it on bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets too.

how to paint laminate furniture

Products Required:

  • Furniture Paint
  • Angled Paint Brush
  • High Density Foam Paint Roller and Paint Roller Frame
  • Mouse Sander
  • Sanding Pads
  • Paint Tray
  • Paint Tray Liners
  • Gloves
  • Krud Kutter
  • Painter’s Pyramids

The Best Laminate Furniture Paint

I have painted several pieces of furniture in my home, and I found some great products to paint furniture.

This furniture paint is so durable making it great in high traffic areas.

I used this paint on my kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, mirror frame, and other pieces of furniture.

This paint has held up so great in my home, even with 2 toddler boys smashing into everything with toy trucks.

My favorite furniture paint is Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel! If you want to read more about this paint, you can learn more here!

how to paint furniture
Drab looking off before painting furniture and adding decor.

How to Prep to Paint Laminate Furniture

I recommend that you give your laminate furniture a light sand to roughen up the surface and remove any shiny clear coat.

The sanding does not have to be down to the wood, just enough to etch the surface of the furniture.

how to sand cabinets

I have been wasting so much time over the years by hand sanding my furniture.

Finally I decided it was time to invest in a mouse sander to simplify my projects.

After sanding with 120 grit, I dusted off the debris to begin painting with furniture paint.

Tips to Painting Furniture

After sanding and cleaning your furniture, you can now apply the furniture paint with an angled brush into all areas that the roller cannot cover.

Making sure to use very light brush strokes, while going with the grain of the wood.

Then paint the entire surface with a high density foam roller and smooth out any brush strokes.

how to paint laminate furniture
1 coat of paint

Don’t panic after applying your first coat of furniture paint. I promise it will look so much better after another coat of paint.

The roller really helps to apply the paint laminate furniture evenly over your piece of furniture and provides a super smooth finish.

Do not apply heavy layers of paint as this will not dry smooth, and you may end up with paint drips on your furniture.

If you want to learn more about my favorite paint for furniture, cabinets, vanities, and more view my post!

Applying the Second Coat of Furniture Paint

Wait at least a couple hours in between each coat to make sure the paint is completely dry.

To apply the second coat of paint follow the same instructions as above.

If your painted laminate furniture still feels sticky after a few hours, you may want to let it dry longer.

Also, make sure that you are not painting in a hot and humid room as this can interfere with dry times.

how to paint furniture so it lasts
Here is the desk after applying a second coat of paint! Phew – much better!

Top Coat for Laminate Furniture

If you used Behr Interior Semi Gloss Enamel that is mentioned in this post then no clear coat is required.

This furniture paint and primer are all mixed in one to finish and seal the surface.

how to paint laminate furniture

I painted my bathroom cabinets and mirror frame 3 years ago, and they still look great!

If you prefer the extra protection, I recommend using a water-based polyurethane.


Don’t be intimidated to paint that outdated piece of furniture. You can’t make it look at worse than it already does!