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How to Pour Bar Top Epoxy the Right Way

We are sharing our tips and tricks to mix, remove bubbles, and pour epoxy onto a bar top. Pouring epoxy is tough, so watch this video!

Two-parts epoxy is a common application on bar tops to give it shine and protection.

For my bar top, I bought a gallon two-parts epoxy to make sure I had enough.

The gallon covers more than enough surface area if poured and spread correctly.

Things to Avoid When Applying Bar Top Epoxy

I strongly recommend you read the instructions carefully and thoroughly before starting.

Do not try to save money by using less epoxy because I did that with my first bar build and I had a ton of bubbles!

how to remove bubbles in epoxy, diy bar
Read on to avoid these mistakes!

If you don’t mix it enough, it may not harden and/or could create “ripples”.

I also, strongly recommend that you have two people to pour epoxy to a bar top.

Epoxy sets very quickly, so you will need an additional person to help mix and pour the liquid while the other person spread the liquid onto the surface.

Items Required:

Epoxy Tips and Tricks

Before pouring epoxy make sure the surface is completely clean and dry before mixing.

The buckets for the liquid should also be dust free as any debris will set onto your bar top.

If you’re doing this on a bar top that doesn’t have a barrier all around, it will most definitely drip onto whatever’s below it.

Alternate between two people when stirring the epoxy because your arm will probably get tired.

Also, make sure to work in a well ventilated area and wear personal protective equipment as this product may have a strong odor.

poured epoxy on diy bar top, diy bar
Nice and smooth!

How to Mix Epoxy

To mix epoxy we used two large buckets that were large enough to hold at least a gallon.

We poured the entire container of part A into the first bucket.

Then we poured the entire container of part B into the first bucket as well.

Since both containers have been mixed into one large bucket, the mixture begins a chemical reaction.

We used paint mixing sticks to manually stir the two liquids together, for at least six minutes.

After stirring in a steady, constant motion, we poured all of the epoxy into the second bucket.

Be sure to scrape as much as you can out of the first bucket.

Occasionally scrape the sides and the bottom of the bucket to make sure the liquid is completely mixed.

Once in the liquid has been transferred to the second bucket, set a timer for another six minutes and continued stirring.

After the timer was up on the second bucket, it was time to pour epoxy onto the bar top.

How to Pour Epoxy on Bar Top

You have about ten to fifteen minutes to pour epoxy before it starts to harden.

So, pouring the liquid onto the bar top is now a race against the clock.

To apply the epoxy, one person should pour the liquid on the bar top, while the other person spreads it with a plastic putty knife.

When pouring epoxy onto the bar top, you should start at one end of the bar and evenly pour it out until reaching the other side of the bar.

After all of the liquid was applied to the bar top, both of us began spreading it to ensure it was evenly distributed.

Keep in mind that the epoxy is self-leveling, so it might start to flow away some areas of the bar top, if it’s not level. 

poured epoxy onto bar top, diy bar

How to Remove Bubbles from Epoxy

After it was spread as evenly as possible, we needed to remove bubbles.

To remove bubbles from epoxy, we used a heat gun.

We held the heat gun about six inches from the bar top and moved around in a smooth sweeping motion.

remove bubbles from epoxy, diy bar
This was my first epoxy bar top. I had a lot of bubbling because I didn’t purchase enough epoxy.

It’s good to give your bar a once over, regardless of whether or not you notice any bubbles.

I’ve also heard of people using a hair dryer on the low setting to get them out, but I’ve yet to try that.

Epoxy Dry Time

After about ten minutes, you will notice the epoxy already start to thicken.

Now that it is starting to harden you have to stop whatever you’re doing to it, or it could cause rippling, pitting, and gaps.

It is recommended that you wait 72 hours before touching it so that it can completely harden.

I would also be careful to not let any dust or dirt touch the surface area during those first 72 hours. 

diy bar, how to pour epoxy on bar top

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