What You Need to Know Before Ordering a Meal Kit

I’ll admit that I am a little cheap at times, which is why I am big into DIY projects.

I am always looking for sneaky ways to save money around the house, so I started ordering meal kits.

One of my tricks to cut back on my groceries is to order meal kits with a coupon.

I may have tried almost every meal kit out there. Okay, not all of them, but I definitely tried a lot of different healthy meal kit options.

 After each meal kit arrived on my doorstep, I would immediately cancel my plan just in time to receive the intro deal. 

Since I was ordering so many different meal kits throughout the month, I was beginning to struggle to manage my phone calendar that included several meal kit deactivation dates.

So, I finally stopped being cheap and picked the best meal kit for my budget and lifestyle. 

Aside from saving money, I did have fun trying different meal kits, and it was a nice not to stress about what to cook for dinner.

Cooking my favorite healthy meal kit

Blue Apron

The first meal kit that I ever tried was Blue Apron. Blue Apron was one of the first home delivery meal kits available at the time, so a lot has changed since I tried the kit. 

Blue Apron packaged their meals nicely and the kit arrived promptly on my doorstep.

I found the meals to be a little time consuming as there were many steps required during meal prep for the dinners. 

My husband and I split up the prepping and cooking, because this made it a little easier to prepare and saved us time.

I can’t imagine trying to prep and cook these meals on a busy week night with children.

Now that I have two kids under the age of 3 years old, I would not recommend attempting to cook this until your kids are asleep.

Blue Apron Pros: 

  • Price was reasonable – $9.99/Serving for 2 people
  • Free Shipping

Blue Apron Cons: 

  • Only offers a regular plan and a Vegetarian plan
  • Lot of prep work for dinners
  • Food was interesting
  • Wide variety of meals to choose from


Gobble offered unique meal options, some produce was already chopped and prepped, and the ingredients were very fresh.

Since the some items were prepped ahead of time by Gobble, most meals only took about 15-20 mins to cook.

The food was tasty and different from what I typically cook, so this allowed me to try some new things.

I loved the Gobble recipe for Brie and Apple flatbread so much, that I started to make it monthly with random ingredients that I have on hand.

This flat bread is good with feta or goat cheese, and it works well on naan too.

Gobble Brie & Apple Flatbread
Gobble Meal Kit Pros: 
  • 15 minute meals
  • Partially prepared ingredients
  • Unique Options
  • Lower Calorie Option if dieting
Gobble Meal Kit Cons: 
  • Shipping is $6.99 per box after the intro deal 
  • Meals are a bit pricey at $11.99/serving


This meal kit offered a fair price and a larger menu to choose from.

Even though HelloFresh only offered basic meals, the meal kit was great the first couple of times it arrived.

The produce included in the meal kit was fresh and everything tasted great.

I found the kit to be simple to cook, and I even learned a few new cooking tricks.

Yes, you read that right I ordered multiple meal kits this time.

Only because they got me with their multiple meal kit deal. HelloFresh offers a small discount divided over your first 3-4 boxes to get you to order more meal kits.

This is one of my favorite HelloFresh meals, Southern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. I make this all of the time with random ingredients that I have on had.

After the intro deal was up when box 4 arrived, you better believe I hit deactivate and onto the next deal.

I’m glad I cancelled HelloFresh when I did because the boxes started to get decrease in quality.

The produce included in the my next shipments were rotten and some ingredients were missing from the recipes.

The HelloFresh customer service was very helpful in that they immediately addressed any issues that I was having, but I didn’t want to keep contacting customer service every time there was a problem. 

HelloFresh – Update September 2020

I decided to give this meal kit another chance because I heard that it improved.

Hellofresh was definitely much better than the first time I tried it.

I am not on week 3 of the meal kit, and so far its going really well.

All of the ingredients have been fresh and everything has been included in the kit.

The dinners have been easy to prep and cook. They have also, been very tasty!

Hellofresh Meal Kit Pros: 
  • Affordable at $8.99/serving
  • Offer a few different meal preferences: Meat & Veggies, Low Calorie, Family Friendly, and Vegetarian
Hellofresh Meal Kit Cons: 
  • Shipping is $7.99 per box
  • I didn’t feel full after eating these kits. I was always looking for snacks after. 
  • Missing Items
  • Some Produce was Rotten
  • Items were missing

The Good Kitchen

I was getting tired of washing dishes and prepping dinner every night, so I decided to take a week off and try The Good Kitchen.

This meal kit offers healthier prepared meals from farm to table in under 5 minutes.

The Good Kitchen meals are prepared with mostly organic produce,  grass-fed meats, poultry and eggs are both antibiotic and hormone free. 

Pricing starts at $14 per meal and decreases as you order more meals.

I thought this price was a bit high for frozen dinners, but I was willing to try it for a week for the introductory price.

Here is how the Good Kitchen meals are packaged.

After cooking Good Kitchen meals, I was underwhelmed to say the least. Each meal had decent flavor, but everything was mushy except for the wings because I cooked these in my airfryer. 

I felt full after consuming these due to the high protein content in most items, but all of the Good Kitchen meals were loaded with sodium.

Most of the meals had as much sodium as a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner. 

The Good Kitchen did give me a break from washing dishes, but I don’t feel the desire to continue with this service.

After heating up the Good Kitchen Chicken Cacciatore with Spaghetti Squash. This meal tasted decent, but was mushy and had a high sodium content.
The Good Kitchen Pros:
  • No Prepping
  • Organic Produce
  • Grass-Fed Meat
  • Hormone and Antibiotic Free Poultry
  • Free Shipping
  • Reward Service
  • Meals were Filling
The Good Kitchen Cons: 
  • Pricing was High – Starting at $14/Meal
  • High Sodium Content
  • Most Meals were Mushy


Everyplate is owned by HelloFresh, and is one of the most affordable meal kits out available because they use much less packagine compared to other kits.

There weren’t a lot of meals to choice from each week, but what Everyplate did offer looked decent for the price.

I was skeptic to order this meal kit because the price was so low, and I didn’t think it would taste that great or the food would be bad quality. 

When the Everyplate box arrived, I was pleasantly surprised because it was better than I expected.

The kit has a lot less packaging compared to other kits and everything looked fresh.

Everyplate recipe cards. Save them so you can make things again!

The meals were easy to prep and cook, and they also tasted good. Since the meal kit was decent, I ordered Everyplate for a few months. I obviously ordered this meal kit beyond the intro deal because it was the cheapest.

I thought Everyplate was really good, but the meals started to get boring. Since there weren’t a lot of meal options, I started to feel like I was eating the same things every week.

So, I took a break from Everyplate after a couple of months to try mixing it up.

Everyplate Meal Kit Pros: 
  • Very affordable at $4.99/serving
  • Simple to cook
  • The prep was minimal
  • Very little packaging
Everyplate Meal Kit Cons: 
  • Shipping is $8.99
  • The meals started to get repetitive each week
  • Does not offer plans for special dietary needs

Sun Basket 

After reading into this healthy meal kit, I realized that this is not just another meal kit.

Sun Basket delivers organic produce, homemade sauces and spices, and responsibly sourced meat and seafood.

There is a wide variety of options to choose from, so this kit can fit anyone’s diet.

Sun Basket offers several dietary plans including low carb eaters, vegans, diabetics, gluten free, lean and clean, and much more!

I chose the lean and clean meal option because I wanted to eat healthy and maintain my weight.
Sunbasket arrived on time and all of the ingredients included were really fresh, so I was excited to get cooking.

Prepping Sun Basket – Don’t mind my really beat up cutting board.

Some of the recipes that I chose were partially prepped, and one of the recipes even had sliced sweet potatoes in a container that was oven safe.

Less dishes to wash for once!

Sun Basket Meal Kit Pros: 
  • All organic produce
  • High quality meats and seafood
  • Meat is antibiotic free
  • Prepped items
  • Homemade sauces and spice blends
  • Offers several dietary meal options
Sun Basket Meal Kit Cons: 
  • Little pricier at $11.99 – $12.99/serving (Keep in mind the ingredients are organic though)
  • Lot of packaging

Receive $40 off your first meal kit. You can cancel anytime or skip you next box! We hope you like your kit as much as we did. 

Green Chef

This healthy meal kit offers nutritious, organic meals, for a wide variety of diet options.

Diet options include, keto, paleo, plant-powered, balanced living, and much more. 

Green Chef meals are designed to be on your dinner plate in 30 minutes max.

So, there is minimal prep work and the dinners are relatively simple to cook.

They also, try to use the same pan multiple times within each recipe to prevent an overflowing sink of dishes.

I recently started eating dairy free, so I chose the paleo meal kit option. 

The paleo meal kit has been delicious and very satisfying.

Cooking Green Chef in my new Stainless Steel Pans

I am still currently ordering meal kit because I can’t get enough of their homemade sauces!

Overall this is my favorite meal kit out of all of the kits that I have tried.

Green Chef kit is my favorite meal kit because it is one of the healthiest meal kits available, includes organic produce, satisfies my hunger, is easy to prep and cook, and offers variety in their menu.

Give it Green Chef a try, and receive $80 off!

Green Chef Meal Kit Pros:
  • Unique Meals Options
  • Offers a wide variety for dietary needs
  • Homemade sauces and marinades 
  • Prepped items
  • Easy prep work and simple to cook
  • Certified Organic Company 
Green Chef Meal Kit Cons: 
  • Shipping is $7.99 per box
  • Pricier at $11.99 – $12.99/serving for most meal kit options (Keep in mind you are receiving organic ingredients) 
Green Chef Mojito Chicken – Sooo good, and barely any prepping! By the way, we built this kitchen table!

Since I have tried to many meal kits, I started to save all of the recipe cards.

I have actually remade several of the recipes or used the cards for ideas.

So, make sure to save your recipe cards because you can make your own healthy meal kits and prep all of your ingredients on the weekend to save time during the busy week.

My Favorite Meal Kits:

  1. Green Chef – Organic, fresh, easy to cook, wide variety. Meals are delicious!
  2. Sun Basket – Organic, easy to cook and prep, lots of variety.
  3. Everyplate – Most affordable
  4. Gobble – Minimal prep work. Ready in 15 minutes!
  5. HelloFresh – Food was good, but items weren’t as fresh or missing ingredients
  6. Blue Apron – Too long to prep and cook.


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