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How to Make a DIY Kitchen Table in 4 Steps!

How to Make a DIY Kitchen Table in 4 Steps!

Tips and tricks to make a DIY kitchen table for beginners with very little woodworking experience. Building a kitchen table will save a ton of money!

You could buy a flimsy overpriced table or you can make a rock solid rustic wood kitchen table for under $100!

This farmhouse kitchen table is made of solid wood planks and sturdy legs for a lasting piece of furniture.

diy kitchen table

DIY Kitchen Table Measurements

My overall dimensions for the table were 65.5 inches long, 46.5 inches wide, and 31.5 inches tall.

This size of this DIY kitchen table worked out perfectly for my small kitchen and maximized every inch of space.

I have very little woodworking skills, but this beginner DIY kitchen table turned out incredible.

So, do not be afraid to try to make this wood table for beginners!

1. How to Make a DIY Kitchen Table

The top of the table is made with five 2×10’s and 2×8’s on the end.

To connect the table top, I started by adhering the 2×10’s using a Kreg Jig.

I drilled pocket holes every 6 or 8 inches on one side of 4 of the 2×10’s.

Leaving the center 2×10 untouched because it would be drilled in on both sides by the other 2×10’s.

Drill all of the pocket holes and laid them out, before adhering any of them.

Then I used a ton of glue in between each board and screwed them in.

For the two 2×8 end pieces, I measured and cut them after the 2×10’s were all screwed together.

Make sure not to place pocket holes to close to the edge to prevent the wood from cracking.

Also, check to see if at least 1 pocket hole aligned with each 2×10.

Again, I used a ton of wood glue and screwed them in.

The great thing about the Kreg Jig is that you don’t need wood clamps because you’re screwing everything together until the glue dries.

2. Adding Legs to a DIY Kitchen Table

When measuring the legs height, keep in mind the side skirt will also come down 3 inches.

A 2×4 isn’t exactly 4 inches, and the table top will add another 1.5 inches.

Make sure to cut the 4X4 legs to provide enough clearance with the side skirt in place.

3. Measuring the Side Skirt for the DIY Kitchen Table

Next I flipped the table upside down and laid out the table legs.

So, that half of the legs were on the end pieces (2×8’s) and the other half on the 2×10’s.

Once you have the legs in place, measure the distance between each leg.

This is how long each 2×4 will need to be for your side skirt.

After you cut the size skirts to size, drill pocket holes every 6 to 8 inches.

Then I make sure each 2×4 had two pocket holes drilled on each end.

These are the holes where screws will attach to the legs.

While keeping the legs in place (although not drilled or glued) for reference, I used a bunch of wood glue and drilled the side skirts in.

After the glue dried, I attached the side skirts to the legs. I did not use any wood glue for the legs since I knew I would move this table and some point and the legs would come off.

rustic kitchen table

4. Braces for Beginner Wood Kitchen Table

Lastly, I used 4 diagonal braces on the bottom of the table top, again using 2×4’s.

These four 2×4’s made a diamond shape on the bottom of the table top, ideally just touching each other.

I didn’t need to drill any pocket holes for this because I could just screw them in into the table top, as long as the screws weren’t long enough to puncture the top or side skirts.

I did use a ton of wood glue again. Now that the table has been completed it is time to sand it down.

diy kitchen table
Here is a blueprint of our Rock Solid kitchen table!

How to Sand a Wood Kitchen table

I started with a course sandpaper in 60 grit to smooth deeper scratches in the wood then transitioned to a higher grit sandpaper.

After sanding with 60 grit, I used 150 grit sandpaper then 220 grit sandpaper to smooth these areas that were deeply sanded.

For all other areas that just needed a light sanding, I used a fine 220 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface, so the stain and paint would really stick.

Optional Wood Filler

I did not use wood filler on my diy kitchen table, but I should have because crumbs get stuck in between the wood planks.

So, before you stain your table I recommend using stainable wood filler in between the wood planks.

Then lightly sand after the wood filler has dried and stain the table.

How to Stain a DIY Kitchen Table

Stain typical has a strong odor because it is usually oil based, so make sure windows at least a few windows are open.

I also, recommend wearing an N95 mask and gloves while staining.

Next take a rag and wipe down the table to make sure all the sanding table has been removed.

Now that the table has been wiped clean, you can begin staining.

Grab an old t-shirt or a folded paper towel to apply a thin coat of stain in the same direction of the grain of the wood.

Let the stain sit for a few seconds then lightly wipe the stain with a t-shirt or folded paper towel.

Wait several hours in between coats of stain, so the stain completely dries. For more tips on how to stain wood view our post here!

wood kitchen table

The stain that I used was Varathane Stain and Polyurethane.

This stain has a clear coat built into the stain, so no need to apply a clear topcoat.

Rustic Kitchen Table

The best thing about this table are all of the imperfections and flaws because I used basic wood planks with knots, holes, and nicks already showing.

Since I have small children, it makes their spills and scratches just add character to this table.

I built a bench to go along with this diy wood kitchen table because it saved space.

When all is said it done, this table seats 6 comfortably and leaves plenty of room for serving dishes in the center.

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