You Must Know your Design Style – Here’s Why!

I love home decor, but I always struggled to piece things together to give my home a cohesive feel. My home was filled with decor that was my taste, but didn’t really go together. I didn’t know what my style was until I took an Interior Design Style Quiz.

After taking the quiz and looking around my home, I realized that I had a four different decorating styles within my home. I had a mixture of modern, rustic, coastal, and Tuscan, I decided that I should narrow down my design style so it would have a better flow from room to room.

I chose to go with Rustic Scandinavian over the other styles. I prefer a cozy feel, but with clean lines which is why Rustic Scandinavian is perfect for my home. Tuscan can be nice, but it just felt outdated to me and obviously didn’t go with my other decor at all.

Before you start decorating it is important to know your interior design style! This quiz will save you so much time and money because you will have a better idea of what will work with your space. I wish I took this test before painting and decorating my first home.

If you find yourself asking “What is my design style”, well here is the link for the Interior Design Style quiz:

Interior Design Style Quiz

Now that I determined my interior design style, I slowly started replacing and moving things around in my home to get it right. Since I previously didn’t understand what my own style was, I ended up with a basement filled with random decor and I was over budget.

I told my husband that we would use the decor that is taking up space in the basement at a later time (probably not), but he doesn’t need to know that.

Speaking of spouses, why do we bring them to any store with us!?

My husband is very patient and will spend a good amount of time in a store, but I can feel him rushing me out of the store because he is getting bored.

Okayyy! I get it that I take forever to choose throw pillows, but this is a big deal and I have a mental block when it comes to mixing patterns and colors.

Mistakes Wives Make When it Comes to – Home Décor, Home Improvement, and DIY Projects

Mistake # 1- Shopping for Home Decor

We ask our spouse to come with us to any of the following stores: Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Pottery Barn, or Kirkland’s.

Don’t get me wrong I have an amazing husband and he is very patient when we are shopping. Even though he is a good sport while shopping, there is still a time limit on how long we can be in each isle of a store.

It’s kind of similar to a toddler. You know that a meltdown is in the works, if you take too long.

For instance, I can browse the bathmat isle for at least 20 minutes at Home Goods trying to carefully select the correct mat. I have a lot to consider in this isle and my husband doesn’t understand the thought process that goes into selecting such a simple item.

I must think about the paint color of the bathroom, the towel color, the color and pattern of the shower curtain, the existing décor, and then I have to consider if these mats will match the rest of the house.

Why am I making this amateur mistake?! I should have just left him at home, so I could carefully think in the store.

Mistake # 2 – Target Trips

Tricking your husband to go to Target for groceries.

This sounds like you won because you are in the store buying a few things that you do need. However, trying to get him to veer off course to the home section can be challenging.

Finally, you convinced your spouse to take a quick look in the throw pillow isle. You get there and you are instantly overwhelmed by the colors, patterns, textures, and the clearance at the end of the isle is catching your eye.

In your head you know that this is going to be a lot longer than you originally planned.

Your husband stands nearby taking heavy breaths looking at his phone, and you feel the pressure to hurry up. You are quickly approaching your time limit, and start to feeling flustered because the pillows just are coordinating.

Ugh then you have to consider the budget. How will you convince him that you need to add $100 in throw pillows to your over flowing grocery cart.

Mistake #3 – Forgetting to Combine Bags

You made it out the door alone to run some “errands” and to make a few other non-mentioned stops. I try to make errands sound boring, so my husband will not want to come if I have a serious shopping trip in mind.

I get out the door, go handle my actual errands in about 15 minutes total then I end up at Hobby Lobby and the Christmas Tree Shop for hours.

I carefully take my time to make my selections, and I am feeling great about what I bought. I head home and I walk in the front door with arms ready to break off from all the bags, and my husband is laying on the couch.

My husbands looks over annoyed and asks what I bought. I try to downplay it, but I have so many bags I can’t really pull this off.  I then start to doubt myself and feel guilty for buying all of these things that we probably don’t need.

Why didn’t I combine some of the bags?! Why didn’t I leave some in the trunk and sneak them in later?!

Mistake #4 – Home Improvement Store

My husband loves going to any home improvement store, which is great because I can convince (trick) him into going to the store to start a new project.

You are probably thinking that this is not a mistake.

 Well, the mistake that I make is asking his opinion on paint color. Choosing the right paint color can be challenging when you are trying to coordinate the paint with other colors already in your home.

I try to narrow down the paint chips to a few of my favorites then ask my husband for his opinion. For some reason I want him to feel involved in the process.

He then selects the ugliest color out of the three paint chips that I have selected. Now I start doubting all of the paint chips that I am holding in my hand.

I feel annoyed and I begin to over analyze everything. I end up leaving the store with nothing because I couldn’t decided in under 10 minutes what the paint color should be.

Why do we make these mistakes?

I think we do this because we want our spouses to feel involved with some of the designing of the house. Which I am not sure why we do this because all they respond with is, “It looks fine.”

Just fine?! I spent well over an hour carefully blending interior design styles, patterns, colors, textures, to create a cohesive feel, and all he has to say is fine.

So, now that you have know have read through some of my mistakes, save yourself some time and aggravation by taking this interior design style quiz.

Interior Design Style Quiz

Before you start decorating it is important to know your interior design style! This will save you so much time and money because you will have a better idea of what will work with your space.

After taking the quiz, I feel confident that I can piece together throw pillows in under 15 minutes and stay within budget. So, next time I make the mistake of bringing my husband to help with home decor, I will be ready!

Below are Rustic Modern (Scandinavian) home decor items that I found online. These items are reasonable priced and received good reviews. I hope you like them!

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