Laundry Room Printables

Let’s be real who actually washes, dries, and folds laundry?! I am the worst at putting laundry away, it sits in the basket for a month then I end up washing it again because it is so wrinkled. These fun printable signs will add a little humor to this annoying household chore.

Wash – Dry – Place in Basket for Weeks 

Step 1: Download PDF Printables 

Step 2: Print out at home using 8.5 x 11 inch premium card stock paper. 

Step 3: Frame in 8 x 10 inch. If the print outs do not fit in your frames, cut them with scissors or a paper cutter. I removed the glass from the frame and laid it on top of the print out then traced the area. This will allow you to easily center the wording.

Tip: I recommend doing a test print out on plain printer paper, before inserting your card stock into the printer. If you do not have a printer, take the file to a place like Staples to print them out. (I printed mine at home). 

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