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How to Use Chalk Paint on Furniture and Decor

I was skeptic of chalk paint when it first came out because it claimed that it did not require any sanding. This paint product surprised me!

No Sanding Required with Chalk Paint

I recently acquired a 1982ish lacquered bedroom furniture set that I thought would be perfect to use chalk paint on because I couldn’t make it any uglier.

This dresser was hideous, so I figured I couldn’t possibly make it look any worse.

I didn’t even need to change out the hardware and less than 1 quart covered both the dresser and chest.

How to Prep Furniture for Painting

Remove all hardware and place in a plastic bag in case you want to reuse the hardware.

I had no intention of reusing the original hardware since I thought it was ugly.

how to use chalk paint

I’m actually glad my husband suggested we save the hardware because the hardware looked totally different after applying the chalk paint.

Now that the hardware has been taken off, remove the drawers from the dresser and wipe down everything with a dry rag to clean off any dust.

I also, used a damp soapy sponge to clean the dresser and drawers.

Once the furniture was dried, I started to brush on the first coat of Rust-oleum chalk paint.

How to Chalk Paint Furniture

I used Chalk Paint brushes to paint all grooves and areas that a high density foam roller would not be able to cover.

Once I finished with the brush, I used the high density foam roller to smooth all areas on the front of each drawer and dresser.

The high density foam roller helps to smooth any brush strokes that you can’t blend for a softer look.

chalk paint projects
Aged Gray Painted Dresser

Applying the Second Coat of Paint

After the first coat dried for a few hours, I went back and applied a second coat of Rust-Oleum chalk paint to all areas of the dresser and drawers.

I only applied a total of 2 coats to the dresser and chest to achieve the look I was going for.

I let the second coat of paint dry overnight before applying a protective clear coat.

The clear coat is optional because some people prefer the matte distressed look.

Distressing the Paint

If you want a more rustic distressed look then you will need fine sandpaper to lightly sand corners and sides of the dresser.

The sandpaper will remove some of the paint on furniture giving the dresser a distressed finish.

I chose not to give the dresser a distressed look and instead I applied a clear protective coat in satin finish.

This gave the dresser a light shine while offering protection from chipping.

Once the clear coat has dried for several hours, start adding the hardware to the dresser.

I ordered new hardware, but I decided I liked the look of the original hardware better.

The cool tone of gray paint really popped with the original gold hardware.

Chalk Paint ideas

Products Used for Chest and Dresser:

Chalk Painted Dining Table

Here is another before and after using the instructions above.

I did not sand this dark shiny table before chalk painting and it came out great!

chalk paint dining room tables

Make sure not to panic because the first coat of any furniture paint looks terrible.

Once the second coat of paint, the furniture will look much better and the paint will be smooth.

chalk paint dining room tables

Rust-Oleum Spray Chalk Paint

I loved this Rust-Oleum spray chalk paint because it was very easy to apply and gave a nice matte finish.

The spray chalk paint was a better option for this project because this accent table had a lot of small details.

The spray paint easily covered these areas in just 2 quick coats.

I had plenty of spray chalk paint left over that I used it to make decorative baskets!

Prepping the Furniture for Painting

I lightly sanded the accent table that I was going to chalk paint because it was very old and had some minor chipping.

If you are happy with the look of your item before you spray it, then no need to sand.

I then wiped down the accent table before I started to spray on my first coat of Rust-Oleum spray chalk paint.

How to Use Spray Chalk Paint

I made sure to spray the accent table in a well-ventilated area and I protected the surrounding area with drop cloths.

I also, wore safety glasses, gloves, and a mask to protect myself from the fumes.

Make sure to thoroughly shake the can for about a minute to mix the paint.

Spray on the first coat by holding the can 10-12 inches from the accent table.

I sprayed the paint evenly left to right and not too thick.

You do not want to spray the paint too heavy because the paint will start to drip.

How to use spray chalk paint

Applying the Second Coat

Let each coat dry about an hour before applying the second coat.

I only applied a total of 2 coats, and I did not apply a protective topcoat.

I really like the matte finish on this table, and I wasn’t worried about this table getting chipped.

chalk paint ideas

Products on the Accent Table:

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