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I’m a paint fanatic and I literally painted my house top to bottom, which includes the ceiling. I also painted my vanity, kitchen cabinets, and furniture. It’s safe to say I am also particular with my products (after a lot of trial and error) so I listed my favorite ones below.

Brushes- Wooster Angled brushes are my go-to brushes for any project. Wooster makes angled brushes for all different types of paints, stains, and enamels. I use this brush so often that, I purchase 4-5 brushes at a time, because I use them for almost every project (not even kidding).

This brush makes clean lines so effortless! I never use painters tape to cut in when I use this brush. The angle of the brush gives excellent control to move the paint in a clean line along the ceiling, trim, base boards, cabinets, or anywhere a clean line is needed.

RollersPurdy Marathon rollers are my favorite roller for walls. These rollers hold a lot of paint, with little splatter or lint and provide even coverage. The high Density Foam rollers are my go-to roller for cabinets or doors. They provide a super smooth look and work great with any sheen.

Showcase by Sherwin Williams

Trim Paint– Showcase by Sherwin Williams paint is truly is 1 coat coverage in just about any area. It is very low odor and brushes on very nicely. I used a semi-gloss finish for all baseboard and trim in my home. I didn’t add a tint to the paint because it is already a nice bright white.

Varathane Stain

Stain– I use Varathane staining products for all projects to be stained. I use the Varathan stain that includes stain and poly, so the item that I am staining is stained and protected all in 1 step.

The stain lasts and is very easy to apply. Varathane makes a great stain, but the stain is very high odor. Be sure to wear a mask and work on your project in a well-ventilated area while staining.

Paint Cabinets and Re-purposing furniture– I have used the Rustoleum Cabinet kit, Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel paint, and chalk paint. The Rustoleum cabinet kit is a good option for beginners because the kit offers very clear instructions, and all products necessary for completing the project are all in the box.

When I painted my kitchen cabinets, I had to purchase multiple Rustoleum kits to finish the project. Since I had to purchase multiple kits, I ended up with extra items that I didn’t need because I only needed a couple of items in another box.

I am very happy with the result on my kitchen cabinets after using the kit. However, think that I could have achieved the same look for less using Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel paint.       

Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel Paint

Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel paint is a great option for any cabinet project, especially in a high moisture or high traffic area. It is tintable, so you can pick any Behr color for your project. It is easy to apply and only took a couple coats to paint my bathroom vanity. The benefit with using this paint instead of the cabinet kit, is that you aren’t locked into to purchasing an entire kit if you just need more paint.

Rust-Oleum Chalk paint is a great option for a dresser or nightstand for a distressed look. I repurposed a very shiny outdated dresser without any sanding. It was a little tricky to apply because it paints on streaky during the first coat.

So, make sure not to brush it on too heavy during each coat. I used 2 coats to complete my dresser restoration. The dresser will had a very matte look, which I didn’t care for, so I brushed on a semi-gloss clear coat to protect the paint.

These are top notch paint products in my book but as I come across new dilemmas, and recommendations, I’ll definitely update this list so make sure you check back. Comment below and let me know what your favorite paint products are!

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