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8 of The Best Interior Paint Products

8 of The Best Interior Paint Products

Here are the best interior paint products that I have used for various DIY projects in my home. Read on to learn why I recommend Wooster paint brushes, Behr chalk paint, and more!

I’m a Paint Fanatic!

I literally painted my house top to bottom, stained and painted several pieces of furniture.

I love that a quick coat of paint or stain can totally transform a room or a piece of furniture.

It’s safe to say I am particular with my products (after a lot of trial and error).

best interior paint
My favorite brush for cutting in!

The Best Interior Paint Brushes – Ever!

Wooster paint brushes are my go-to brushes for any project.

Wooster makes angled brushes for all different types of paints, stains, and enamels.

best interior paint

I use this brush so often that, I purchase 4-5 brushes at a time, because I use them for almost every project (not even kidding).

This Wooster paint brush makes clean lines so effortless! I never use painters tape to cut in when I use this brush.

The angle of the brush gives excellent control to move the pain in a clean line along the ceiling, trim, base boards, cabinets, or anywhere a clean line is needed.

paint brush tip
A little tip to save some time and money!

My Go-To Paint Rollers

Purdy Marathon rollers and Wooster Rollers are my favorite rollers for walls.

These rollers hold a lot of paint, with little splatter or lint and provide even coverage.

The high Density Foam rollers are my go-to roller for cabinets or doors.

They provide a super smooth look and work great with any sheen.

best paint rollers
Just a little paint roller tip

The Best Interior Paint for Trim

Showcase by Sherwin Williams is truly is 1 coat coverage in just about any area.

It is very low odor and brushes on very nicely for a smooth finish.

I used a semi-gloss finish for all baseboard and trim in my home.

There is no need to add tint to Showcase because this product already came in a nice bright white shade.

best interior paint
My go-to for painting trim, baseboards, quarter round!

Behr Chalk Spray Paint

Behr chalk paint was one of the easiest spray paints to work with because the paint went on so smooth.

This spray paint did not drip or cause bumps, and dried with a nice matte finish.

Check out my Behr Chalk Paint project here!

behr spray paint
Look how smooth these turned out using Behr Chalk Paint!
behr chalk paint projects
Behr Chalk Painted Vases

My Favorite Stain for Wood Projects

I use Rust-oleum Varathane staining products for all projects to be stained.

I use the Varathane stain that includes stain and poly, so the item that I am staining is stained and protected all in 1 step.

This Rust-oleum stain lasts and is very easy to apply.

the best wood stain

My favorite stain by Rust-oleum Varathane in the color Kona.

I used Kona stain on the top of my console table, my banister, shelves, and our home bar.

Painting Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities

I have painted kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, mirror frames, and furniture using Rustoleum Cabinet kit, and an alternative.

The Rustoleum cabinet kit is a great option for beginners because the kit offers very clear instructions, and all products necessary items for updating your cabinets.

If you need additional tips and tricks to paint your cabinets, see our post here!

Semi-Gloss Enamel – Best Furniture Paint!

Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel is perfect for any cabinet project, especially in a high moisture or high traffic area.

This paint is tintable, so you can choose any color for your project.

Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel is also, easy to apply and only a couple coats of paint was needed to cover my bathroom vanity and mirror frame.

I can’t say enough good things about using this furniture paint! This product holds up great and is so easy to use!

best interior paint

Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint

I will admit that I was a little skeptic of chalk paint when it first came out because it seemed too good true.

Chalk paint caught my attention because it didn’t require any sanding.

I recently acquired a 1982ish lacquered dresser and chest that I thought would be perfect to use chalk paint on.

This dresser was hideous, so I figured I couldn’t possibly make it look any worse.

See how my outdated dresser turned out with this furniture paint.

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