Easy Instructions on How to Paint a Vanity

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If you don’t have the money, or time, to renovate your entire bathroom, you can easily refresh it and change the entire look. Adding a coat of paint, new hardware, and framing a builder grade mirror can make a big difference on a budget. Read on to see how to paint a vanity – the proper way.

Painting a bathroom vanity is so easy and inexpensive. To get started remove all hardware, cabinet bumpers, cabinets doors, and drawers from the vanity. Then wipe down the vanity with a damp soapy sponge and wipe again with a rag to dry.

Once the cabinets are completely dry, you can begin painting the cabinets. I painted the cabinets in my basement on a large drop cloth.

refinish bathroom vanity

To paint cabinets – I lightly applied pressure with a brush to areas on the cabinet doors, drawers, and vanity that a roller would not cover. I then used a very smooth roller to paint the entire vanity, front surface of the cabinets, and drawers.

I let the vanity dry for 3-4 hours before painting a 2nd coat of paint. If you paint too soon after the 1st coat, the paint will become tacky and will not adhere as smooth. I let the cabinet doors and drawers dry for at least 6-8 hours before a 2nd coat.

I let the cabinet doors and drawers dry longer because I did not want to lay them down on the painted side to paint the other side while the cabinets were still sticky. The paint can feel dry to the touch, but the paint is not fully hardened for several hours.

So, be sure that the paint is fully hardened before flipping the doors over because the front surface may get damaged when you attempt to lay the door down and paint the other side.

If you accidentally scratch the cabinet you can either let it completely dry, lightly sand, and repaint the area, or you can try to put on another coat of paint to see if it will blend the scratch surface.

I intended on applying a top coat to the entire vanity, but I wanted to see how the cabinets held up with the paint before I applied the final top coat.


I meant to apply the top coat a week after I finished painting the cabinets, but it has now been a few months and the cabinets still look great. When I am out of other projects, I may go back and apply the final clear coat but for now, the cabinets are holding up nicely. I recommend using a semi-gloss clear top protective coat after your cabinets have completed dried. In the meantime, I added a frame around my mirror to match the cabinets.

Products Used:

Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel Paint– I had this paint tinted at the paint counter in Complex Gray Behr paint. This paint is perfect for painting cabinets especially in a bathroom because it can resist mildew and moisture.

The semi- gloss finish adds a light shine that is easily wipeable. This can be found at Home Depot in the paint area. Below is a picture of what the paint can looks like, so you can easily locate it in the store.

behr premium paint and primer

I loved this this paint because it painted on very smooth, it was very low odor, and it did not take several coats to get the look that I wanted. The paint can also be tinted, so you can use any paint color for your project.

I used a quart of the color Complex Gray by Behr to paint my cabinets.  I previously used a transformation kits to paint cabinets, which costed me much more than I hoped, and it took several coats to achieve the look I was going for.

Also, with cabinet kits you are limited to the paint colors that you can choose, and if you only need 1 item in the kit you are stuck purchasing an entire kit.

High Density Foam Rollers for Smooth Surfaces– I recommend using smooth rollers so you do not get any unwanted texture on your cabinets. Below are the rollers that I used from Home Depot. Don’t forget to purchase a paint roller frame that will fit, if you do not already have one.

Wooster Brush for Semi-Gloss and Enamel Paints – I used angled Wooster brushes for every project in my house. This angle Wooster brush for Semi-Glass and Enamel paints left a nice smooth finish. This brush is a little more than I typically spend on a brush, but you can use this brush multiple times if you wrap the brush.

To use the brush, you can wash the paint off or leave the paint on the brush and tightly wrap the brush in a plastic Ziploc bag. The brush should still be damp even on the next day, allowing you to use the brush a few more times.

wooster angled brush

Cabinet Bumpers- After everything completely dried, I placed bumpers on the back of the cabinet doors and the doors. I placed the bumpers on the corners of the cabinet doors and in the center of the back of the cabinet drawers.

If you really want to take it up another notch, you could replace the hardware and add new faucets. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below, and let me know how yours turned out!

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