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How to Make a DIY Jewelry Frame Organizer

How to Make a DIY Jewelry Frame Organizer

If your necklaces are a big tangled mess then you will find this jewelry frame helpful to organize necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

This jewelry organizer is so easy to make and can be can be made from scrap materials from other projects. So, take a look at what you have on hand because you might be able to repurpose items to make this jewelry display!

jewelry frame

Easy Jewelry Frame

Instead of spending a money on an expensive jewelry display, you can make your own for for less than $20 or even for free!

I had some snap and click wood planks left over from laying down our floor and we had an empty picture frame (18×24 I believe).

It’s as simple as cutting the pieces of wood to fit into the picture jewelry frame and adhere it to the frame.

After that, drill holes for the screw eye’s and hooks, or whatever else you prefer.

STEP 1: Select Materials for Frame Jewelry Display

The picture frame will obviously dictate what size pieces of wood you need to cut.

You really can pick whatever frame you want.

I recommend using a lighter picture frame with darker wood or a darker picture frame with lighter wood.

If you do get a wood grain frame, make sure it won’t clash with the wood. We had an elegant picture frame, which worked really well.

diy jewelry organizer
DIY Jewelry Frame

You also want make sure the picture frame is big enough to hold a good bit of jewelry.

Lastly, you want to make sure the frame itself has some depth or thickness to it so the wood can fit nicely and won’t push the frame off of the wall.

Basically, you don’t want the wood thicker than the frame itself.

STEP 2: How to Adhere the Wood to the Jewelry Frame

You really can use any wood you want as a background, even oak/birch plywood, or peel and stick.

I went with snap and click Pergo planks because it’s what I had lying around from a previous project.

If you choose to go with peel and stick, see our post here on how to cut the peel and stick.

The nice thing about using peel and stick is that you can cut this with a box cutter or good quality scissors.

Cutting Peel and Stick: Peel and stick is typically thinner, so you may need to put cork board or plywood behind the peel and stick.

I simply measured the inside of the frame and cut some pieces to fit. Then I snapped the wood planks together as one unit and made sure they fit into the frame.

After doing a test fit, I put a bead of silicone around the inside of the frame where the wood makes contact with it.

Glue: If you prefer not to use silicone, you could trying using hot glue instead.

Make sure there’s some weight on it or something pushing it down to make sure it makes contact with the silicon (or whatever adhesive you want). I let it sit until dry.

Jewelry Display

In the picture above, the planks still had the built in padding on it (since it was meant for a floor), but I scraped it off later with a putty knife.

STEP 3: Adding Hooks to the Jewelry Frame Organizer

I also had screw eyes and hooks lying around so I used them to hold the jewelry.

I used a ruler to draw straight lines and then marked and drilled holes every inch.

Make sure you drill a test piece first so you know you’re using the right size for the screws, otherwise the screws eyes won’t be tight enough and fall out.

diy jewelry organizer
Completed Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

The second row was staggered so that the jewelry didn’t dangle over each other.

Basically, I had rows for earrings, short necklaces, and long necklaces, but again, you can customize this as much as you want.

You can see a couple other variations I did below.

jewelry frame

Since I built this and she loved it so much, I had to build a few for her friends, and some for my family.

It is a great DIY jewelry frame organizer and display for all different types of jewelry.

You can’t go wrong if you give this Jewelry frame display to someone as a gift, or build it for yourself, so have fun with it and be creative.

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